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Welcome To Eden- Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

In the end of episode 6, Alma killed Ibón and Astrid caught Erick in bed with África.

Welcome to Eden - Season 2 Episode 7 Summary & Recap

Grief turned to rage

Episode 7 started off gloomy with people like Eloy, Orson, Zoa and Bel mourning Ibón’s death. Zoa was so devastated that she is now hell-bent on ensuring Astrid dies that very evening. On top of this, she feels like Astrid and Erick are taking Gabi away from her. Bel tried to be understanding and made plans immediately. Meanwhile, Zoa warned Gabi about staying away from Astrid so that the rebellion can carry out their plans.

Astrid and Erick, on the other hand, struggled with their strained relationship. They had an argument about África, which led to the Erick leaving their place. Poor Isaac heard the whole thing.

Erick went to África and tasked her to go to Nuria’s place. He wanted to stay at that place while giving time for himself and Astrid to cool off. But when África arrived there, Bel, Zoa and Eloy were already there making plans with Nuria. The rebellion group planned on luring Astrid to Nuria’s place and bombing Astrid together with Nuria. This of course, is also because Nuria was more than willing to sacrifice herself to kill Astrid.

África was sharp and quickly noticed the bomb wires. Therefore, Bel and Zoa had to chase her down to tell her the plan. África demanded that they leave Erick with her after killing Astrid, while Bel demanded that her and Zoa keep Eden. The three of them then shook hands and África went back to suggest that Erick stay with her instead of with Nuria.

Scene from Welcome to Eden Season 2 Episode 7 to illustrate recap
Zoa, Eloy and Bel planting bombs in the volcano house. Photo: Netflix

Gabi in a pinch

That afternoon, Gabi and Som was summoned to meet Astrid do that they could sign the agreement to stay in Eden. However, Astrid only allowed Som to go back. She confronted Gabi about the truth behind “Molly’s” identity. 

Gabi then tried to convince Astrid that she really did see Astrid as a parental figure, and that she is tired of being someone’s “Little Squirrel”, a nickname Zoa gave her. But Astrid wasn’t having it. We last saw Gabi crying as Astrid pass her the photo of Zoa and Gabi, as well as a gun.


Zoa and Bel are now making moves. They shut off the satellite and hid on the cliff as Nuria called Astrid over. Astrid was quick to come and Nuria reported the issue to Astrid. Zoa wanted to waste no time and asked Bel to detonate the bomb, but Bel wanted to wait for the sign from Nuria.
But in fact, Nuria was distracted because the conversation with Astrid steered into one about Isaac.

A while later, another dune buggy arrived. Bel tried to get in touch with Eva, but she wasn’t answering. Eva was last seen trying to distract Joel. Turns out, Isaac was in the buggy. Alma drove him there. Isaac entered the house, and Astrid claimed that Nuria tried to sacrifice Isaac in the process of killing her (Astrid). Isaac looked disappointed and Nuria was speechless.

Just as Astrid and Isaac were about to leave the place, Zoa asked Bel to bomb the place. But Bel refused to sacrifice an innocent child. The two had a tug of war before Zoa got hold of the control panel and activated the bomb. But nothing happened. Then, military Eden soldiers led by Joel surrounded them, and before they knew it, guns were pointing at their faces. Their plan had failed.

Additional Observations From Episode 7

  • Charly stole cartons of Blue Eden and downed so many bottles that he was caught intoxicated. Erick was angry about it, but Mayka saved him yet again. Erick injected Charly with a tranquilizer to stabilize him.

Welcome To Eden Season 2 follows from the end of the previous season where our main characters, Zoa and Charly tried to escape from the secret island of Eden. Created by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López. Starring Amaia Aberasturi, Belinda Peregrín and Diego Garisa.

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