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Welcome To Eden- Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Scene from Welcome to Eden Season 2 Episode 4 to illustrate recap

The previous episode ended with Saul getting shot by Joel after threatening Astrid with a knife. África saved Astrid while Charly ran away.

Welcome to Eden - Season 2 Episode 4 Summary & Recap

Threat to stay

We start off the episode with a sad ending to the previous episode’s cliffhanger. Saul ended up passing away at his mentor’s grave and Charly was caught.

It didn’t take long for Astrid and Erick to also figure out that it was Mayka who caused the electrical failure. Nevertheless, Mayka was apparently one of their favourites, and they let her pass.

África, on the other hand, was allowed to be Astrid and Erick’s home helper. It was a sign of gratitude from Astrid, but also a way for Astrid to keep an eye on the ex-popstar.

When Charly was brought in for interrogation, he initially just requested to be killed. This is despite Mayka pleading with Astrid to give him a second chance. But when they showed Charly a live video of his brother at his baby nephew’s birthday party, Charly knew his family would be in danger, and agreed to their deal. Now, Charly was tasked to return to Eden to be Som’s link.

The live feed of Charly’s brother was possible because of the man Detective Brisa was tailing. Brisa found his behavior odd, but followed him to the restaurant anyway. There, she met up with Charly’s brother who indicated that Charly went missing 3-4 months ago, similarly to Zoa and Ibón. Brisa gave Charly’s brother her phone number as she needed to rush to continue following the mysterious man.

Charly given a second chance to stay in Eden. Photo: Netflix

Working on Som

When Charly got back to Eden, he immediately got to work and became Som and Gabi’s roommate. He flirted real heavily with Som, and Gabi noticed that Charly was the one Zoa mentioned would return and save them. Now, Gabi got more and more skeptical of Zoa’s claims and informed Zoa about it.

Zoa and Ibón were extremely disappointed to see Charly coming back. Worst of all, he is now working as a link to bait more members. Unfortunately, Charly could not explain much because Som was around. He indicated that he had tried his best.

Meanwhile, Eloy started becoming good friends with Isaac, and Isaac even brought Eloy to his home. When Eloy saw all the satellites at Isaac’s place, he asked Isaac about it. He also requested Isaac to tell him about Astrid and Erick’s plan for Eden.

Isaac makes an appearance

That night, Ibón and Orson tried to look for Eloy, but they got nowhere. Instead, Ibón almost fell off a cliff and Orson had to save him. Both men bonded during their journey and eventually had sex. In the modules, Charly also snuck out to hook up with Mayka.

The next morning, the Eden community were gathered to listen about Alma’s demotion. Alma apologized for her past mistakes and even revealed that the Eden Foundation had financially supported her parents all this while. Just as the ceremony was about to end, Eloy showed up with his blood-stained shirt. He was holding Isaac’s hand. Seeing their child around, Erick asked security to drop their weapons. 

Astrid and Erick told everyone that Isaac is their son.

Additional Observations From Episode 4

  • Explosives had already been placed around Eden beaches based on Astrid and Erick’s commands.
  • Orson told Ibón that he truly loved Eloy, and that he regretted not telling him sooner.

Welcome To Eden Season 2 follows from the end of the previous season where our main characters, Zoa and Charly tried to escape from the secret island of Eden. Created by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López. Starring Amaia Aberasturi, Belinda Peregrín and Diego Garisa.

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