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Welcome To Eden- Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Scene from Welcome to Eden Season 2 Episode 8 to illustrate recap

Welcome to Eden - Season 2 Episode 8 Summary & Recap

Who betrayed Bel and Zoa?

Our final episode of Season 2 starts off with Zoa and Bel apprehended and brought away in a truck. They tried contacting Eva, but all they heard was “I’m sorry”. Meanwhile, Nuria was killed for her betrayal.

Astrid and Isaac then returned home to Erick, who now regretted leaving his family. He reconciled with Astrid, went back to pack his bags and moved back in with his family. This leaves África extremely disappointed as Erick even called their relationship a fling. What’s worse, África later found out that she is pregnant with Erick’s child.

At night, Astrid tried to interrogate Bel and Zoa to find out about the other members of the rebellion. However, they both kept a tight lip.

When Bel had some private time with Eva, she was quick to call Eva a traitor, and Eva apologized. But Eva revealed that she had no choice because Joel already found out about their plan.

It was then revealed that the one who leaked the information was Gabi. After Astrid handed Gabi the pistol, she received the message from Nuria and was about to head out. Then, Gabi, who actually loved Astrid, started crying and asked her not to go.

Realizing that Gabi knew something, Astrid started interrogating the child. That was when Gabi finally cracked.

Erick reconciled with his family after Astrid and Isaac's near-death experience. Photo: Netflix

When Zoa found out about this betrayal, she was absolutely heartbroken. Gabi went to Zoa to apologize, but Zoa could hardly say a word to her sister. Joel eventually dragged Gabi out of the camp.

Reaction to the news

In the morning, Astrid and Erick announced Zoa and Bel’s betrayal to everyone. It was made clear that the two of them would be executed. Eloy panicked and requested Orson to do something. However, Orson’s hands were tied.

Charly too, started going on a frenzy. He downed several bottles of Blue Eden and wanted to go out and save Zoa. But Mayka was there to bring him to his senses. She showed him a video compilation she made of him, and requested that Charly stay in Eden for her. In the end, Charly agreed.

At night, more secrets are revealed. It turns out that Danae was working for Som’s father, Sisuk all along. In fact, she was the one who murdered Astrid’s father. That night, she approached Som to cut her shoulder and take out what appears to be a chip. It seems like the two of them were planning something.

Did Zoa and Bel die at the end of Season 2?

In the morning, a lot of Eden higher ups, including Astrid and Erick, were gathered for Bel and Zoa’s execution. Just as Alma was about to shoot Bel with her silent gun, Gabi showed up to beg for mercy. Initially, Astrid was willing to forgive Zoa, but Zoa stubbornly insisted that they either kill both her and Bel or forgive them both. For Astrid, this means they have chosen death.

Bel and Zoa ready for their execution.

However, right before the execution again, a helicopter arrived and landed near them. Turns out, it was Detective Brisa and several other enforcers. Gabi immediately recognized Brisa, and it seems like Zoa and Bel were saved in the nick of time.

Back in Astrid and Erick’s place, Danae broke into the transmission room and uploaded data from the chip. The computer says “Hello Eden”, and suddenly, the door behind Danae opens. Isaac was there.

The season ends with a cliffhanger. Will Brisa find a way to save the people of Eden? What are Som’s father’s plans? Why was Isaac at the transmission room?

We can’t wait for Season 3.

Welcome To Eden Season 2 follows from the end of the previous season where our main characters, Zoa and Charly tried to escape from the secret island of Eden. Created by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López. Starring Amaia Aberasturi, Belinda Peregrín and Diego Garisa.

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