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Who Were We Running From? – Episode 4 Recap

The police are on Mother and Bambi’s tail.

Who Were We Running From? or Biz Kimden Kaçiyorduk Anne? is a Turkish mystery seried cetred around a mother-daughter duo on the run. It is based on the novel of the same name by Perihan Mağden. Starring Melisa Sözen, Eylül Tumbar, and Musa Uzunlar.

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Who Were We Running From? - Episode 4 Summary & Recap

Field of daisies

Mother and Bambi were now in another hotel in a different area of Turkey. Bambi liked the hotel and enjoyed talking to the Head of Security of the hotel from time to time. However, Mother suggested that they leave to another island soon. Mother and Bambi found a grass full of daisies and Mother taught Bambi how to make a crown daisy.

In their room, Bambi asked Mother whether Mother really wanted to give birth to her. Mother told her the story of Bambi’s birth and how unfamiliar she was being a first time mother. She even considered running away from the hospital and leaving Bambi there. However, she decided against it and took Bambi with her. When Mother’s relatives arrived to see the newborn child, both child and mother are gone. According to Mother, that was when they started running.

The evening before their departure, Bambi gave one of her crown daisies to the Head of Security. The lady thanked Bambi, but found it weird that Bambi claimed that she would never return to the hotel.

Scene from Who Were We Running From Episode 4 to illustrate recap
Bambi gave a daisy crown to the Head of Security as a gift. Photo: Netflix


Meanwhile, the police managed to track Mother and Bambi in one of the airport’s security footage. They went on a mass call to all the hotels in the country the duo was heading to, and sure enough, their calls returned a hit when the hotel where Mother and Bambi were staying could confirm the presence of the duo. The police talked to the Head of Security, told her to stay calm, and told her that they will be over there in a jiffy.

The Head of Security waited anxiously, and once no one was watching, she called Mother and Bambi’s room number to warn them about the police. This was the scene we saw in Episode 1. Mother and Bambi immediately packed to get out of the place.

When the police arrived, Mother and Bambi were no longer in the room. Then, as the police headed outside the hotel, they saw two people entering a cab. This led to a car chase, but it turns out, the two people weren’t Mother and Bambi.

The police failed again. But in the morning, one of the primary investigators realized that Mother and Bambi could have been in the hotel all along. It was then revealed that Mother and Bambi were just sitting quietly at the dingy lobby, and they watched as the police went up to their room to search for them.

In a road security footage, the police found evidence that Mother and Bambi only left the hotel in the wee hours of the morning. Mother even looked up at the camera and smiled.

Additional Observations From Episode 4

  • Again, Mother showed that she seemed to have the ability to predict what the authorities would do. She always seemed to have a counter plan.
  • The Head of Security narrated the story to the police after everything went down. The police did indicate that they suspect her involvement, but they did not have evidence.

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