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Who Were We Running From? – Episode 3 Recap

Scene from Who Were We Running From Episode 3 to illustrate recap

In episode 2, Mother killed the doctor at Paradise Hotel because he tried to harass Bambi.

Who Were We Running From? or Biz Kimden Kaçiyorduk Anne? is a Turkish mystery seried cetred around a mother-daughter duo on the run. It is based on the novel of the same name by Perihan Mağden. Starring Melisa Sözen, Eylül Tumbar, and Musa Uzunlar.

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Who Were We Running From? - Episode 3 Summary & Recap

Fairy Land

Our mother and daughter pair is now in Fairy Land, a place with plenty of snow. This time, there is again an annoying guest who kept taking digs at Mother while pretending to be nice and caring. Mother and Bambi called her the Hollywood Creature, and do their best to ignore the woman.

Bambi has also been troubled by dreams about the doctor. She tried coming clean to Mother once about her lie in Paradise Hotel, but Mother cut her off. That night, Bambi had a comforting conversation with Mother, and then they rescued a dog.

Mother told Bambi that she once had a dog too. In a flashback to her teenage days, Mother’s mother was furious when she found out that Mother was pregnant. As Mother’s mom berated and slapped Mother for the horrible decision that could bring shame to the family, Mother’s dog continued to bark. It was the dog’s way of defending the owner. 

Then, Mother’s mom crossed the line when she suggest that the baby should be aborted. this time, Mother fought back and claimed that she would not abort the child. As punishment, her mom killed the dog.

Bambi rescued a dog.


Meanwhile, the police had been tracking the mother daughter pair’s movement and could predict that they were going to Cappadocia area next. They sent out details to all the hotel in the area to watch out for Mother and Bambi. Word had also gone out about a hotel killer.

The next morning, after facing some insults from the Hollywood Creature, Mother let Bambi take their rescue dog out, so that the dog can find its own family. At one point, the dog ran into a cave and Bambi lost sight of it. However, she ran into a couple making out who later screamed at her once they realized someone was watching. The lady from the couple also brought up that she’s scared of the hotel killer who killed a hotel owner and hotel doctor. This immediately alerted Bambi and she now realized what was going on.

Bambi ran back and was initially quite scared of her mom. Mother could immediately tell something was off, but she dropped the issue when Bambi claimed that nothing happened. Then, when Mother was in the toilet, Bambi ransacked her mother’s belongings and found a penknife. Mother eventually saw Bambi with the knife and asked Bambi not to ask any questions. In response Bambi ran out and Mother chased after her.

Mother realized that the cab driver was looking at them when taking the call. Photo: Netflix


Outside, Bambi told Mother that those people died because of her (Bambi), but Mother assured Bambi that she wouldn’t harm anyone innocent. Then, the Hollywood Creature appeared again to give her unwarranted opinion. This time, with emotions riding high, Mother fought back and they caused a bit of a scene. 

At the same time, the Head of Security of the hotel just got a printout of Mother and Bambi’s face from the police. Mother is sharp. Once she saw the Head of Security looking over, she took Bambi back to their room and asked her to start packing. They left in a taxi and asked to head to the bus station. 

Again, danger looms and the taxi received a call from the local police about a mother-daughter duo. Mother was quick to sense something was wrong and got off the cab. Mother and Bambi went to airport in another cab. When they were there, Mother again avoided the cops who were stationed there.

Bambi was very impressed by her Mother’s quick judgement and asked Mother to teach her. The two planned to get out of the country.

Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • When Bambi was little, some kids teased Bambi over her old bucket which she used to play with sand. Mother was furious at the kid’s parents for not educating their children. Then, Mother made a promise to Bambi that the only person that will cause Bambi to shed tears is herself, and vice versa.

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