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Who Were We Running From? – Episode 5 Recap

Scene from Who Were We Running From Episode 5 to illustrate recap

Who Were We Running From? - Episode 5 Summary & Recap

Trouble at the bank

Before getting on a boat to their next island destination, Mother and Bambi stopped by the bank to get some money. Mother purposely chose what seemed like the kindest-looking bank teller and requested to withdraw all her money. However, such large sum requires clearance from the bank manager.

When Mother went in to see the bank manager, the lady was busy chit-chatting with her friends and kind of ignored Mother. Frustrated as she’s in a rush, Mother told the bank manager and her friends off, and even wanted to leave to another branch. Then, the bank manager stopped Mother. She proceeded to apologize and requested that Mother wait in her room while she prepares the money. In actual fact, she recognized Mother as the “Snipper lady” and asked the bank teller to call the police. Bambi had already walked out of the bank.

As the bank manager could not delay Mother anymore, she proceeded to hand Mother the money in her room. By then, Mother already suspected something wrong. Plus, police sirens can be heard. Mother then stabbed the bank manager on the neck with a scissors, and broke the glass window to escape. After that, Mother found Bambi and they made their way to the pier but the police caught up with them. Left with no choice, Mother and Bambi jumped down a cliff into an ocean and swam to the island.

Mother and Bambi jumped into the sea. Photo: Netflix

Need for money

Two months have passed and now Mother and Bambi were in the island. They sold Bambi’s grandmother’s ring for money to fund their hotel stays. Even though they seemed safe, Mother had hit rock bottom. She did not shower for days because she felt cornered without much money left. Seeing her mother like this, Bambi was devastated and tried to lift her mother up.

A flashback revealed that when Mother was pregnant with Bambi, she heard her own mother claim that she would kill Mother and the child as they brought disgrace to the family. Feeling the need to protect herself and the child, Mother tampered with her parent’s car’s brake fluid, causing an accident which killed her mom. 

Back in our original timeline, Mother suddenly remembered that she could’ve inherited a land which her mother owned. She now sees hope as they could sell the land for money. Mother wasted no time calling up agents in Turkey to sell that land and soon enough, there was a buyer.

It was then revealed that the car accident only killed Mother’s mother and the driver. Mother’s father, on the other hand, is still alive. In fact, he was the potential buyer for the land.

Additional Observations From Episode 5

  • Mother and Bambi are excellent swimmers. As per Episode 1, Bambi had been trained in swimming in each hotels they stayed in.
  • Mother had hallucinations of seeing her mother coming back to life.

Who Were We Running From? or Biz Kimden Kaçiyorduk Anne? is a Turkish mystery seried cetred around a mother-daughter duo on the run. It is based on the novel of the same name by Perihan Mağden. Starring Melisa Sözen, Eylül Tumbar, and Musa Uzunlar.

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