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Woman of the Dead – Episode 2 recap

Scene from Woman of the Dead Episode 2 to illustrate recap.

In the first episode, Brünhilde Blum’s husband, Mark was killed after being ran over by a Range Rover. After looking into Mark’s phone, Blum found a girl called Dunja.

Woman of the Dead or Totenfrau is a series based on the novel of the same name by Bernhard Aichner.   created by Nicolai Rohde and the story revolves around Brünhilde Blum whose husband, mark died in front of her. The film stars Anna Maria Mühe, Romina Küper and Yousef ‘Joe’ Sweid.
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Woman of the Dead - Episode 2 Summary & Recap

Dunja's past

The episode started off with Dunja recalling some memories of some men picking up young women from the airport. Dunja seemed to be one of the victims and was trapped in a room where her kidnappers were killing the other victims and taking photographs of their dead body using a polaroid. Her kidnappers were all wearing animal masks, so unfortunately, Dunja could not decipher their identity. Somehow, Dunja managed to escape to a toll station.

Back to the original timeline, Blum now allowed Dunja to stay with her. Blum wanted to come up with a plan so that Dunja’s kidnapper, and hopefully her husband’s killer, will be caught. But Dunja was worried that both of them will die, just like Mark.

People in latex masks were cutting up teen girl's bodies.

An escaping mental patient?

As she has lots to do from Dunja’s information, Blum first went to a shop to try to look for polaroid. She was planning to get information on who might be using a polaroid in their small town, but the shopkeeper advised that she checked out the art gallery instead.

Blum’s father-in-law, Karl did not particularly welcome Dunja into the home as she seemed a bit odd. Therefore, when he found a uniform from Ehlen Hospital, a hospital that deals with mental patients, Karl immediately took this opportunity confront Blum about it. Initially, Blum got worried that Dunja might not be well in the head. She took a photo of Dunja and went to the hospital to check her records. Oddly, there was no record of Dunja at the hospital.

However, before Blum left, she spotted a woman working in the hospital who attended Mark’s funeral. The woman told Blum that mark had helped her with her stalker and she wants to help. She revealed that Mark took Dunja in thee hospital secretly for one night before taking her to a cabin. On top of this, the woman warned Blum not to trust anyone in the town.


The hospital worker told Blum that Dunja was not an official patient.

Edwin Schönborn

Next, Blum went to the Bad Annenhof toll station, the station which Mark had the ticket to. She enquired about Dunja’s arrival that night and the employee there told her that Dunja appeared half naked out of the forest. The employee, however, was not willing to share any further. After Blum left, he immediately deleted the CCTV footages on Mark apprehending Dunja.

Then, Blum went to the art gallery and found out that the only artist in town that takes photo with a polaroid is Edwin Schönborn, the son of the hotel mogul, Johanna Schönborn. Suspecting that Edwin was involved in Mark’s murder, Blum devised a plan. She pretended to be a model and went for a photoshoot session with Edwin. 

When Blum broke character and told him that she knew about his involvement in murders of young woman, Edwin flipped and attacked Blum. By the end of the struggle, Blum managed to take Edwin out using her stun gun.

Blum pretended to admire Edwin's work.

Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • Blum’s daughter, Nela got into a fight with Alex Schönborn in school after Alex taunted her on her father’s death. During the fight, she accidentally tore Pastor Jaunig’s shirt.
  • Dunja tried to steal Nela’s money, but was caught by Reza and Karl
  •  The day of Blum’s photoshoot, Edwin Schönborn promised Johanna to meet her the next day.

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