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Woman of the Dead – Episode 3 recap

Woman of the Dead - Episode 3 Summary & Recap

Accidental death

Blum took Edwin home inside one of her coffins. Unfortunately, she was caught up on having dinner and not looking too anxious around Reza that Edwin ended up dead in the coffin. Left with no choice, Blum removed Edwin’s belongings and dismembered Edwin’s body. When dealing with the body, Blum also noticed a tattoo on Edwin’s body.

The next morning, Blum suddenly remembered that her photographs were on Edwin’s camera. Not wanting to leave evidence of her involvement, Blum went back to Edwin’s atelier and took the camera. On the way out, Johanna came over to look for her son. This gave Blum an opportunity to eavesdrop and she heard that some farmer Theile had been a bottleneck for her ski project. Blum nevertheless managed to escape the atelier without being noticed.

When she got back, Theile was at her place, looking to purchase a coffin for himself as he has terminal lung cancer.


Blum unlocks Edwin's phone using his corpse.


Blum inspected Edwin’s camera the next day and found photos of Pastor Jaunig. This raised further alarm bells. To confirm her suspicion, Blum purposely called the pastor in front of Dunja for Dunja to identify the voice. This time, Dunja recognized the voice as one of her kidnappers.

However, Blum still wanted to know who else is involved. She sent a message to Jaunig from Edwin’s phone asking for a meeting at the church after the mass. To her surprise, restauranter Bertl Puch arrived during the set time. After Bertl left because Edwin was a no-show, Blum asked for a private audience with Pastor Jaunig to confess some sins.

Blum did confess to killing a man, but she also confronted the pastor on the killings of young girls. When Jaunig tried to deny it, Blum knocked him out using a stun gun again. When he woke up, Blum had tied him to a chair and burned him alive.


Bertl was angry at Edwin's no show.


After the whole ordeal, Blum went to a bar and got drunk. Coincidentally, she bumped into Massimo who accompanied her. Before they headed home, the two kissed and almost went further, but Blum stopped herself.

When Blum got back, Dunja had already left. Dunja had been noticing that a gray car had been parked outside the house lately, and she was concerned that it was from the group. At first, Blum brushed off Dunja’s concerns, but when Blum realized that the gray car drove away when Blum came near, she knew that Dunja was right.

The next morning was Pastor Jaunig’s funeral. The children from Nela’s school along with Blum, came to pay their respects. To Blum’s surprise, she found out that the tattoo on Edwin and Jaunig was the symbol of the Bad Annenhof scouts. This made her sick and she vomitted.

Later that day, she asked Massimo’s help to check on the license plate of the gray car. Turns out, it is registered under Schönborn.

Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • Jaunig told Blum that her parents wanted to call off the adoption, but he made them go through with it.
  • Massimo’s wife had been very wary of Blum and Massimo’s relationship.

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