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Woman of the Dead – Episode 4 recap

Scene from Woman of the Dead Episode 4 to illustrate recap.

In the previous episode, Blum took a step further and killed Edwin Schönborn and Pastor Jaunig.

Woman of the Dead or Totenfrau is a series based on the novel of the same name by Bernhard Aichner.   created by Nicolai Rohde and the story revolves around Brünhilde Blum whose husband, mark died in front of her. The film stars Anna Maria Mühe, Romina Küper and Yousef ‘Joe’ Sweid.

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Woman of the Dead - Episode 4 Summary & Recap

Johanna getting suspicious

The episode started off with a glimpse of Blum’s past as a kid. She was abused by her adoptive parents who were also undertakers. When she could not perform procedures on a dead person, her adoptive father would keep her in a coffin as punishment. One day, when receiving such punishment, she opened the coffin and imagined the corpse next to her talking to her. That’s when she began to have courage to work on the dead.

Back to our original timeline, Johanna Schönborn got increasingly worried about her son’s disappearance and turned to inspector Wilhelm Danzberger. However, the inspector’s hands were tied as they found tracks of Edwin’s car near Pastor Jaunig’s death scene. The police now suspects Edwin was behind it.

With Edwin gone, Johanna had to attend a business meeting about the ski resort by herself, even though it was Edwin’s dream. The meeting was in Puch’s restaurant and Blum kept a close eye there. Before Johanna left, Blum saw Johanna kissing Bertl Puch.

Young Blum saw a corpse talking to her.

Bargaining chip

It turns out that Edwin’s disappearance had really pushed Johanna to look into Blum. Johanna got her assistant, Sebastian Hackspiel to kidnap Blum’s son, Tim, from school. Blum confronted Johanna after finding out that a man in a gray car took her son and Johanna admitted to it. Edwin’s photographs of Blum were immediately sent to the cloud and Johanna realized that Blum was the last person Edwin met. 

This however did not faze Blum. Instead, Blum suggested that Edwin had sexually assaulted her and threatened to go to the police about the assault and her son’s kidnapping. As the police weren’t on her side anymore, Johanna had to let Tim go.

The next day, Dunja’s body was found in the river. Blum pretended not to know her when Massimo asked, but Reza who overheard the conversation knew something was off.


The kidnapper pretended to be Blum's friend to lure Tim to his car.

Fight against Bertl

In another flashback of Blum’s past, we found out that she had always been a killer. When on a yacht with her adoptive parents, she purposely took out the ladder when her parents went for a swim in the ocean. Then, she put on her headphones so that she could not hear when her parents were screaming for help as they drowned.

Now at night, Blum was prepared to commit another murder. She approached Bertl Puch after his restaurant was closed for a mojito. Then, at the right moment, she plunged a syringe containing chemicals into Bertl’s neck. Apparently, he had 10 minutes left. Blum asked Bertl about the 4th member in their group and who Joe Blenk is.

But, Bertl still tried to struggle, and when Blum did not notice, Bertl stabbed Blum with a knife on her thigh. Unable to move and in pain, Blum was then dragged to the restaurant cold storage and locked in there. Left with no choice, Blum called someone for help.

Bertl crawled after being attacked by Blum.

Additional Observations From Episode 4

  • From text messages on Edwin’s phone, it was confirmed that Pastor Jaunig was “rabbit”. There were however, four people in the chat group. One of them is still unknown.
  •  Blum’s daughter, Nela tried to impress Alex Schönborn. When Alex requested for some formaldehyde to get high at a party, Nela stole some from her mother’s funeral house. When she took some of it at the party, she felt sick and vomitted.

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