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Woman of the Dead – Episode 5 recap

Woman of the Dead or Totenfrau is a series based on the novel of the same name by Bernhard Aichner.   created by Nicolai Rohde and the story revolves around Brünhilde Blum whose husband, mark died in front of her. The film stars Anna Maria Mühe, Romina Küper and Yousef ‘Joe’ Sweid.

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Woman of the Dead - Episode 5 Summary & Recap


Reza got to Puch’s restaurant in time to rescue Blum. At first Bertl seemed to have passed out, but he got up and headed towards Reza and Blum. Without hesitation, Reza took out Mark’s gun and shot Bertl dead. Apparently, Mark passed his gun to Reza before he died. 

Then, Reza treated Blum’s wound and cleaned up the place before leaving. He advised Blum to go to the hospital but Blum refused. On the way back, they picked up Nela who ended up at a deserted cable car station. There, Blum realized that the station name is Zoeblank, which meant that Mark’s note is about the station. She then theorized that the girls were brought to the top of the mountains at the Zoeblank station.

The next morning, Blum wanted to go up to the top Zoeblenk station. By then, Reza had already found out that Blum was involved in the murder of 3 men. He disapproved and did not want to take part. Unfortunately for Blum, the road to the station was blocked, but she met Thiele there. 

Thiele revealed that many years ago, his daughter used to date Sebastian Hackspiel. However, one day she disappeared. The last person she had met us Sebastian and Thiele believed that Sebastian was involved in the disappearance. After that incident, Sebastian started working for the Schönborns.

Scene from Woman of the Dead Episode 5 to illustrate recap.
Reza helped pull out the knife in Blum's thigh

4th member revealed

Meanwhile, the police started investigating Puch’s restaurant that same morning. The police found some blood which they decided to test. Massimo was on duty and found Blum’s earring on the floor of the restaurant.

After her conversation with Thiele, Blum tracked down Sebastian and cornered him with a gun. Sebastian claimed that he was just watching Blum on behalf of Johanna. However, Blum could not do much after her wound from the night before started bleeding again. Blum ended up passing out and Sebastian rushed Blum to the hospital.

When Bum woke up next, Dr. Ludwig had already treated her. Dr. Ludwig is revealed to be the 4th person involved in dunja’s kidnapping. At first, the doctor was kind and let the matter on the wound slide even though he knew Blum’s wound couldn’t be self-inflicted. But soon after, he realized that “Blum’s phone” always beeps when he sent a message to the group of four.

When no one else was around, the doctor then injected Blum with excess insulin. Blum felt paralyzed and knew something was wrong. That was when Dr. Ludwig confessed that he was the 4th person. He also claimed that he could have saved Mark the morning he was ran over, but chose not to.

Blum was injected with insulin and threatened by the doctor

The end?

After the doctor left Blum to die, Blum gathered all her strength to crawl out and get some liquids. After she felt better, she pretended to be dead in her hospital bed. Then, when Dr. Ludwig returned, she attacked him and choked him dead with hospital equipment pipes. Reza arrived just in time to help Blum transport the body out. Now that Blum had killed all 4 members in the chat group, she felt relieved.

The next morning, Sebastian Hackspiel came over and passed Blum a USB drive that he found in Edwin’s atelier. The drive contained videos of the four men in animal masks kidnapping young women. Reza saw the video too but the both of them could not watch further as they felt disgusted.

Just as they paused the video, the door rang. Inspector Wilhelm Danzberger wanted to bring Blum into the police station for some questioning.

Sebastian passed Blum the USB drive.

Additional Observations From Episode 5

  • According to Dr Ludwig, he wasn’t the one who ran Mark over.
  • Blum’s father in law, Karl started secretly looking into Mark’s case. He tried to track down the black Range Rover that ran Mark over.
  • Massimo’s wife, Ute Ricci left Massimo when she found out that he had kissed Blum the other day

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