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Woman of the Dead – Episode 6 recap

Scene from Woman of the Dead Episode 6 to illustrate recap.

In the previous episode, Blum killed the 4th member of the group, Dr. Ludwig. But now she is brought into questioning.

Woman of the Dead or Totenfrau is a series based on the novel of the same name by Bernhard Aichner.   created by Nicolai Rohde and the story revolves around Brünhilde Blum whose husband, mark died in front of her. The film stars Anna Maria Mühe, Romina Küper and Yousef ‘Joe’ Sweid.
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Woman of the Dead - Episode 6 Summary & Recap


The episode started off with a flashback of Greta, Thiele’s daughter. She was supposed to meet Sebastian but Edwin picked her up for a cable car ride with his friends instead. Edwin who was angry at Thiele for stopping his ski resort project then gang raped Greta along with his friends, Ludwig, Jaunig and Bertl.

At the police station, Blum was questioned as her tire tracks were near Pastor Jaunig’s crime scene and she was the last person seen with Edwin. However, Blum managed to escape after Nela confirmed that they visited the pastor earlier, and Massimo gave Blum an alibi by telling his superior that he and Blum were out drinking together that night.

Blum thanked Massimo and Massimo asked for a dinner in return as his wife had left him. Grateful, Blum obliged and went for dinner at Massimo’s place. After having their food, Massimo passed Blum’s earring back to Blum. He promised to protect Blum and asked that they get together. At first, Blum and Massimo shared a long kiss, but once again, Blum could not carry on. Then, Blum saw the same Boy Scout tattoo on Massimo’s abdomen.

Massimo had the Boy Scout tattoo

That’s when the secret of Massimo’s involvement was out. Massimo even confessed to killing Mark and Dunja. Again, Massimo suggested that Blum and him help each other, but Blum tried to take out a gun and shoot him instead. Unfortunately, the gun wasn’t loaded. Massimo then knocked Blum out and took her away.

Final one killed

At the same time, Karl hit a roadblock with his findings as he learned that the black Range Rover had been returned to the police, in particularly Massimo. Reza also further watched the video and realize that there were actually 5 people involved in the human trafficking case. When Karl told Reza what he had learnt, Reza immediately rushed to Blum’s aid. When he saw that Massimo’s house was completely dark, he remembered that Blum had told him about the Zoeblenk station.

When Blum next woke up, she was at the top of the Zoeblenk station with the other remaining female victims. She managed to escape but Massimo realized it and tried to track her down. When Massimo started shooting, he accidentally shot Reza who was there to save Blum instead. Then, as Massimo tried to finish Reza off, Blum stabbed him repeatedly using a knife.

It was also revealed that Massimo was the one who killed Greta after the four boys raped her.


Reza was about to be shot in the head when Blum attacked Massimo.


After all the killings, Sebastian visited Johanna and demanded to be free. He passed Johanna a copy of the USB stick. Johanna also managed to get another investor for her ski resort project. When she met with Blum, Johanna was still displeased about her son’s disappearance despite knowing what Edwin had done. To Johanna’s surprise, her new investor later on offered to get rid of any issues she might be facing. This indicates that Blum will probably be killed after this.

The police found evidence linking Massimo to Jaunig, Ludwig, Edwin and Bertl. They seemed to believe that he was behind the murders. Meanwhile, Karl asked Blum if he should be worried anymore, and Blum replied that he doesn’t for now. This would mean that Karl had finally made peace with Mark’s death, believing that Blum had somehow avenged Mark.

In the final scene of this season, we found out that Mark had known that Blum was her parent’s killer all along. When Mark asked if her parent’s deserved it, Blum told him that they are better dead.

Blum met Johanna one final time about what Edwin had done to the girls.

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