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You Don’t Know Me: Episode 3 Recap

Scene from You Don't Know Me Episode 3 to illustrate recap

Hero tried to put Jamil in the line of fire but Jamil was one step ahead. After surviving an attack from Glocks, Jamil took Hero away.

You Don’t Know Me is a British crime series based on the novel of the same name by Imran Mahmood. The series centres around our main character, Hero (Samuel Adewunmi) who is on trial for a murder of a local thug (Roger Jean Nsengiyumva). During his closing arguments, he started telling the story of how everything happened, especially when it concerns a girl named Kyra (Sophie Wilde)

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You Don't Know Me- Episode 3 Summary & Recap


Jamil theorized that Glocks was behind his back because of Hero and Kyra, but Hero tried to tell him that Jamil was dealing drugs in Camden, and that affected their business. Now, Jamil could not pay for his supplies and arms, which he owed a man called Face. Face had a talk with Hero and decided that Hero had to help them get ten grand in six days to be released. Hero unwillingly took that deal and went back to Kyra’s arms. Kyra suggested to leave London but Hero was worried about his family.

Hero had no savings and tried to retrieve the 5,000 pounds that Spooks had promised him. During the process, he had to go to a drug parlor, forced to take a smoke of crack and got his photo taken. Even after the whole ordeal, there was only 700 pounds, not even near to what Spooks had promised. In the present day, Hero explained that was how he failed a drug test by the police, even though that was the first time he ever took it. At work, Glocks men came after Hero again and although Hero’s boss Sam got them off the property, they threatened to come back if Hero came back to work. Hence, Hero did not go back to work since that day.

Scene from You Don't Know Me Episode 3 to illustrate recap
Hero ran away from his workplace after chased by Glocks men. Photo: Netflix

Laying low

At Hero’s place, a man called Curt broke in but said he’s an old friend of both Hero and Spooks, and that he’s trying to help. He told Kyra to pack their bags and things because Glocks is going to look for Hero to get to Kyra. He also told Hero to warn Hero’s family to not go near Hero’s flat. In Glock’s eyes, Hero was now working with Jamil. The three of them head to a hotel. Initially, Kyra was wary but Hero convinced her that Curt is trustworthy because they had known each other a long time. Hero’s mother helped Curt when they were younger and in return, Curt helped Hero fend against bullies. However, they drifted apart and Curt eventually joined Glocks.

The court dismissed until the next morning. In his cell, Hero planned how to continue his story, and wasn’t sure whether to indicate Kyra or Curt who suggested their next move. He ended up going with Curt. This is sign that not everything Hero is narrating is entirely true. 

Scene from You Don't Know Me Episode 3 to illustrate recap
Curt who is from Glocks came to save Hero and Kyra. Photo: Netflix

According to Hero, Curt suggested that they rob Jamil to get rid of him. Curt would pretend to be a dealer and try to sell Jamil some coke for a cheap price, but he will need to rib Jamil after. Hero eventually agreed to the plan and linked Curt and Jamil up. However, to make the scene of selling drugs realistic, Kyra suggested she and Bless helped pretend to work on the side, despite Hero’s disapproval.

Plan went wrong

On the day of the sale, Jamil arrived early with his man, Binks. Hero was supposed to leave so that Jamil would not know that he was related to the sale, but had to hide in the wardrobe. Kyra and Bless were wearing masks. Curt and Jamil both checked each other for arms and Binks was asked to stay outside. When Curt asked for the money from Jamil, Jamil pulled out his hidden gun and threatened Curt, Kyra and Bless. This made Hero panic and he stepped out of the wardrobe and choked Jamil. Naturally, Jamil was shocked to see Hero there.

Meanwhile, Binks entered the unit and got into a fight with Curt. Jamil eventually broke free and hit Hero a few times. Then he went to get his gun on the floor, but Kyra reacted quickly and reached out for the gun too. Both Jamil and Kyra struggled for the gun. Out of a sudden, Kyra accidentally shot Jamil with the gun. Binks was knocked unconscious. Everyone was shocked but Curt instructed everyone to plan to get on different flights to Europe. They left Jamil in the dumpster but Hero called Jamil’s sister to let her know about Jamil.

Scene from You Don't Know Me Episode 3 to illustrate recap
Kyra accidentally shot Jamil.

That night, Kyra was shaken by the whole incident and regretful that she accidentally shot Jamil. Nevertheless, Hero calmed her down and the two booked their flights. The next morning, at the airport, Hero received a call from Jamil. Jamil was alive as his sister managed to call the ambulance before he bled to death. On the phone, Jamil threatened Hero, Kyra and Hero’s family.

Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • In the present, Hero asked Jamil’s sister to testify that he was telling the truth- that he called her to tell her about Jamil. However, Jamil’s sister was sobbing and the judge warned Hero against addressing the gallery. The court ordered security to take Hero back into custody.

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