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You Don’t Know Me: Episode 4 Recap

Scene from You Don't Know Me Episode 4 to illustrate recap

In the previous episode, during a struggle, Kyra accidentally shot Jamil, but Jamil survived the shot as Hero called Jamil’s sister to save him.

You Don’t Know Me is a British crime series based on the novel of the same name by Imran Mahmood. The series centres around our main character, Hero (Samuel Adewunmi) who is on trial for a murder of a local thug (Roger Jean Nsengiyumva). During his closing arguments, he started telling the story of how everything happened, especially when it concerns a girl named Kyra (Sophie Wilde)

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You Don't Know Me- Episode 4 Summary & Recap

The sister

In the present day, Bless visits her brother in jail and advised him to not lie. However, Hero is committed to following through with his story.

After the phone call from Jamil, all of them had to head back to get Hero’s mom. However, she did not want to leave and therefore, Hero had to get her a place in West London instead. In the evening, Kyra confided in Hero that she wants Jamil dead. She was tired of running and would like some peace. Hero was against the idea, as he believe that they are not killers. At night, Jamil stayed watch around the area with Curt. Curt confessed that he likes Bless and would like Hero’s blessing to ask her out. 

Behind her brother’s back, Bless who was working as a hospital assistant approached Jamil and tried to get some information from him. She found out the day of his hospital discharge and also found him to be quite a nice guy. But, when Hero found out Bless went near Jamil, he freaked out and wanted to go to the police. Kyra calmed him down by agreeing to go to the police and telling Hero that she loves him.

Scene from You Don't Know Me Episode 4 to illustrate recap
Kyra admitted that she wants Jamil dead so that she could lead a normal life. Photo: Netflix

Kyra acts

At night, Hero prepared his money and passport and then went to bed with Kyra. Before falling asleep, Kyra told him what a loving person he was and that that was the result of growing up in a loving home. When Hero woke up, Kyra was gone along with his money and passport. He tried dialing Kyra but she was not picking up and so Hero drove to Jamil’s hideout, which was the murder location. There, Jamil was frantic. He was holding a gun and said Kyra was right there. Then, out of a sudden, Jamil was shot and behind him firing the gun was Kyra.

Hero was panicking but had to follow Kyra’s instructions to keep driving. To avoid being caught, Kyra asked Hero to drop her and to meet her back at his old flat. However, after Hero went back to the flat, Kyra was nowhere to be found and he dozed off. Next morning, the police arrived at Hero’s flat to apprehend Hero and they found the gun Kyra used to shoot Jamil with Hero’s passport in the flat. Hero soon found out that an anonymous woman gave off the tip on Hero, which means Kyra killed Jamil and set him up. In the present day, Hero explains to the jury that he did not ever consider telling the truth before this because he still believes that Kyra would come back for him.

Scene from You Don't Know Me Episode 4 to illustrate recap
Kyra set a trap for Hero in his own flat.

The truth

It is then revealed that Hero told his lawyers a different story, which should be the truth. Actually, Jamil recognized Bless in the hospital and kidnapped her. Jamil threatened Hero and so, on the night of the murder, Hero and Kyra headed to Jamil’s hideout. They called Curt on the way there. Kyra secretly took Hero’s gun and put it in her purse.

When Hero and Kyra met Jamil, Jamil was both angry and devastated. He had helped Hero obtain a gun to save Kyra, but Hero put him in trouble with his suppliers and other thugs. Jamil threatened the both of them with a gun. Kyra took out her gun, but was disrupted by Curt who came pouncing on Jamil, getting shot on the stomach along the way. After a bit of a struggle with Jamil and Binks, Bless picked up the gun and shot Jamil. Everyone was surprised but eventually was focused on running away.

Scene from You Don't Know Me Episode 4 to illustrate recap
Bless shot Jamil from the back when he was in a fight with Hero. Photo: Netflix

Naturally, Hero wanted to protect his sister and so, he asked Bless to not admit to anything. Meanwhile, he asked Kyra to run away and the couple agreed that they will say Kyra shot Jamil. Hero and Kyra then staged the whole scene so that it looked like Kyra was framing Hero. 

Back in the present day, Hero could whole heartedly claimed that he loved Kyra as he pictured the two different scenarios that could happen once the verdict is read. In the last scene, the verdict was not disclosed to the audience.

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