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Who Killed Jamil: You Don’t Know Me- Ending Explained

Scene from You Don't Know Me Episode 1 to illustrate recap

You Don’t Know Me is a British crime series based on the novel of the same name by Imran Mahmood. The series centres around our main character, Hero (Samuel Adewunmi) who is on trial for a murder of a local thug (Roger Jean Nsengiyumva). During his closing arguments, he started telling the story of how everything happened, especially when it concerns a girl named Kyra (Sophie Wilde)

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Who killed Jamil? - Ending Explained

In the final episode, Hero told the jury that Kyra was the one who shot Jamil. She was tired of running for her life and decided to get rid of Jamil. Hero also claimed that Kyra set him up by putting evidences in his flat and tipping the police off anonymously.

It turned out that the story Hero told in court was not the full story. In truth, Bless was kidnapped by Jamil after trying to get information from the drug dealer. Hero, Kyra and Curt went to Jamil’s hideout to save Bless, but Jamil was angry at the mess Hero put him in. During the fight among the men, Bless picked up Hero’s gun which was brought by Kyra, and shot Jamil.

Hero then planned his next steps with Kyra to ensure that Bless was not caught. They ended up trying to build the story where Kyra framed Hero, although that was not the truth. Meanwhile, Kyra left the country.

Scene from You Don't Know Me Episode 4 to illustrate recap
Bless shot Jamil from the back when he was in a fight with Hero. Photo: Netflix

What was the verdict?

Moments before the verdict was read, Hero pictured the gallery’s reaction in both scenarios- one where he was found not guilty and one where he was. In the scenario where he was found not guilty, Hero would travel away from London to meet up with Curt and Kyra to live happily with them. 

Nevertheless, the verdict was never fully read on the series. It is left for the interpretation of the audience, allowing us to choose which ending we think was best. After all, we had seen the potential endings. So, which ending did you prefer?

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