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1899- Episode 4 Recap

More people were dead and the ship is undergoing mutiny from its third class passengers. 

1988 is a 2022 sci-fi thriller series surrounding a group of passengers aboard the Kerberos ship. The series was created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. Starring Emily Beecham, Andreas Pietschmann, Aneurin Barnard and Miguel Bernardeau.

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1899- Episode 4 Summary & Recap


The centre of this episode is  Jérôme. We get a flashback during war times where Jérôme was in the army with Lucien. Lucien killed and wanted to impersonate the lieutenant, but Jérôme opposed this. As a result, Lucien attacked Jérôme in the head. When Jérôme woke up, he was locked up with Olek, Captain Eyk and Ramiro. Franz later summoned Jérôme and Olek to help throw more corpses overboard. Looks like more passengers had died of unknown causes.

Ship crews realized that the Prometheus is gone and the compass was working again. Oddly, they were now headed West, in their original direction, even though they did not turn the ship. As this remained a mystery, Franz instructed that they carry on. The mutineers on the other hand, pressed one of the crew members about the deaths. The crew member revealed the letter from the company asking to sink the Prometheus, and the mutineers immediately turned to the little boy. As the sole survivor from the Prometheus, they believed he caused the deaths on their ship.

Olek and Jerome was asked to dispose of the pile of corpses.


Therefore, the mutineers led by Tove’s mother, Iben searched Maura’s room for the boy, but they couldn’t find him, and so they locked Maura in the room instead. Left alone, Maura did not know what to do but soon heard a knocking from under her bed. She realized that her room had a hidden shaft as well where they boy had been hiding. Then, the boy used the shiny beetle to unlock the door by making the beetle pass through underneath the door.

On the deck of the ship, Jérôme managed to escape with Olek’s help and hid in Clemence’s room. Together, they tried to find a way to free Eyk. But Eyk was already ahead of them. He already found a way out. In the end, Maura, the boy, Jérôme, Eyk and Ramiro met at an open part of the ship. They wanted to use a boat to run away but Franz and Iben arrived. Iben shot Jérôme and took the boy away. A war broke out on the deck of the ship and Iben threw the boy to the sea.

Scene from 1899 Episode 4 to illustrate recap
The little boy was hiding in the secret shaft. Photo: Netflix

Return from death

Meanwhile, Jérôme recounted his past. Lucien had betrayed him and locked him up. Lucien would pretend to be the lieutenant and he told the French army that Jérôme was a deserter. Naturally, the French army wouldn’t believe Jerome anymore and sentenced him to a lifetime of prison. Before Lucien deserted Jérôme, he gave Jérôme his medal, which Jérôme used to haunt Lucien on the ship. After that, Jérôme woke up from the memory and turns out, he’s alive.

After the chaos, everyone returned inside the ship. Eyk took this opportunity to ask Maura about why her name was on the Prometheus list of passengers. But Maura was shocked herself. She then later took comfort in Daniel’s presence and held his hand for a moment. Then out of nowhere, they all heard a loud thud on the cabinet and the little boy appeared out of it. This left everyone shocked as the boy went over to hug Maura.

Scene from 1899 Episode 4 to illustrate recap
Captain Eyk questioned Maura on her name being on the Prometheus passenger list. Photo: Netflix

Additional Observations From 1899 Episode 4

  • Lucien revealed to Clemence that he was dying soon and had to take some chemical to ensure survival.
  • Vying gor his mother’s approval, Krester spat on Ángel after Iben seems to realized there was something going on between him and he rich Spanish man.

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