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1899- Episode 8 Recap

Last episode, it was revealed that all our Kerberos passengers were in a simulation.

1988 is a 2022 sci-fi thriller series surrounding a group of passengers aboard the Kerberos ship. The series was created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. Starring Emily Beecham, Andreas Pietschmann, Aneurin Barnard and Miguel Bernardeau.

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1899- Episode 8 Summary & Recap

Elliot, the reason for the simulation

Elliot remembered the times when he found a shiny beetle. He showed it to his mom, Maura, but Maura sked Elliot to let the beetle go. When Elliot woke up to Maura’s usual “Wake Up” whisper, he was in Henry’s room. This time, Henry explained to Elliot that he wasn’t the bad guy. This simulation that they were all trapped in was created by Maura to held Elliot prisoner. Henry took Elliot to the mental hospital and injected him with a white liquid. Then, Elliot began to see something that seems like the past. Maura was trying to do something to Elliot and despite Daniel asking her to let Elliot go, she injected Elliot with another liquid.

Then, Elliot woke up and is facing Henry again. He claimed that Henry planted that memory in his mind, but again Henry calmly told him what had happened. When Maura was younger, she found a paper on Plato’s cave allegory and began questioning their reality. It also seemed like Maura had the though of creating fake realities within one another. Hearing all this, Elliot began to cry and claimed Henry was lying.


Henry injected Elliot on the neck to help Elliot regain some memories.

Running through the simulation

On the bridge of the Kerberos, Captain Eyk arrived after swimming from the Prometheus. He asked Maura about Daniel in front of everyone, and so Maura had to reveal that Daniel is her husband and Elliot is her son. She said she had no recollections about all of that, but also came clean about Henry Singleton being her father. When she took out her letter, everyone else also took out theirs, indicating that everyone received the same letter. 

As the group walk around the ship, the rest suddenly felt that Maura was untrustworthy and wanted to get out of the ship. They began to separate, but at the same time, Daniel was busy trying to make some changes to the code using his device. Throughout the journey, black protrusions grew more quickly and our remaining passengers were brought through many “memories”. This did not affect Maura and Eyk as they had went inside Daniel’s memory. There, Maura began to find ways through the ship from one memory to the other, similar to how Daniel travelled in the previous episode.

Maura and Eyk eventually reached Maura’s memories and the mental hospital where the first mate showed up. With a few swaps on his device, the first made “shut down” Eyk, causing Eyk to fall to the ground. He then got the key from Maura and sent her to Henry. Elliot was there, but he did not try to save Maura because he felt betrayed. Henry got the key and got Maura injected on the neck with a black liquid, supposedly to erase her memories of this simulation and to bring her into the next one.

Scene from 1899 Episode 8 to illustrate recap
Protrusions came out of a box when Clemence and Jerome were in Ling Yi's memory. Photo: Netflix

Wake up

After that, Henry opened up the black pyramid and fit the key into the keyhole. However, much to his surprise, nothing happened and the he realized that Daniel had changed the code. All this while, Daniel had been trying to break into the code and now, he had successfully reprogrammed the secret part of the code to another pyramid. Maura woke up, but she still regained her memories from her Kerberos adventure and was soon joined by Daniel. Daniel told Maura that they both created this whole world together. After they both entered the simulation, her brother Ciaran took over the whole program and is controlling it. Maura’s ring, which is now the key is used to open up the pyramid so that Maura could now “wake up”.

When Maura did, she found herself attached to a machine and freed herself. Surrounding her were the other Kerberos passengers, all deep in sleep-like state, plugged to machines that seems to access their head. Maura then looked out the window and realized that she was in a spaceship in the middle of space. There was also a screen that typed out that the date was 19th Oct 2099. It then typed out that the computer is receiving a message from Ciaran. It says, “Hello sister. Welcome to reality”. 

Is this reality though? Or is it another simulation?
We will be waiting for Season 2 of 1899.

Other passengers were strapped to their respective machines.

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