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1899- Episode 6 Recap

After a mass suicide, only few of them remain.

1988 is a 2022 sci-fi thriller series surrounding a group of passengers aboard the Kerberos ship. The series was created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. Starring Emily Beecham, Andreas Pietschmann, Aneurin Barnard and Miguel Bernardeau.

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1899- Episode 6 Summary & Recap

Engine stopped

It is now Tove’s time to remember the past. She was playing with Ada when a man with a gun showed up. Then, Tove woke up, got fired up and demanded to see the mysterious boy. She now believes that her mom was right. However, Eyk was quick to calm her down by addressing the problem at hand. The engine of the ship is not working and the remaining passengers have to therefore split themselves into groups to find out what was going on. Black protrusions have also been growing out in the ship, but Daniel warned a group of people not to touch it.

Learning about Maura

Eyk paired himself with Maura on purpose and they went down the shaft in her bedroom. The world with the graveyard was still there and so, the two of them went down the shaft into it. Maura explained that this was where she grew up, but it felt a little different. They then headed into her father’s mental hospital. In the hospital, Maura told Eyk about her past. Her mother fell ill after having her and her brother, Ciaran. She slowly deteriorated until she could not remember Maura and Ciaran anymore. Devastated, Maura’s father Henry, built the mental hospital and was fixated on studying the human brain. On top of that, he blamed his children for what happened to his wife.

Things got weird when Eyk noticed something. In the room with the restraining chair, Eyk opened one of the curtains and the doors behind it, but he was faced with a metallic wall that looks like the ship’s hull. This means that they were still inside the ship even though its an illusion of another world. In the meantime, Daniel noticed that Eyk and Maura went down the shaft and followed them.

Maura brought Eyk into the world through the shaft from her bedroom.

Tove's past

Four women were grouped together to find any other survivors. They were Mrs Wilson, Tove, Iben and Clémence. At one point throughout the search, Tove suddenly saw Krester. When she followed him through the door, she was in another world- a world from her past and she wasn’t pregnant. The man with the gun from her memory earlier was threatening Krester with a gun. When he was about to fire, Tove jumped at him and he misfired on Krester’s cheek. This explained Krester’s scar. 

After that, Tove was suddenly transported back to where she was on the ship. Clémence and Iben found her, but Tove was left alone to mourn again after Tove found Ada’s doll. Then, the same thing happened. Tove was back at her home and Krester’s face has just been shot. Her parents were there with Krester, pleading the man for mercy. It turns out that Krester had inappropriate relation with the man’s son, and so the man was angry. In his anger, the man took a rock and knocked Tove out before raping her in front of her family. Fortunately, Tove woke up mid rape, grabbed a nearby rock and knocked him down. She struggled a bit before finally killing the man by repeatedly smashing the rock on his head. Then, before Tove knew it, she was back on the ship again. 

Scene from 1899 Episode 6 to illustrate recap
Krester was shot by a farmer who claimed Krester took his son's innocence.

Need to find the boy

When Tove got up, the engine started working again. Everyone was relieved, but Ramiro and Anker soon realized that they are in trouble. The man who was supposed to steer the ship aka. the first mate, was gone. When Anker looked for books, all the pages of the books said the same thing: “May your coffee kick in, before reality does”.

The first mate was also the man who also has the control panel, similar to Daniel. He went inside the cabinet and went to see Henry. The man told Henry that it will take another 48 hours before “transfer”. Henry pointed out that they need to find the boy because he possess the pyramid and they need it for this “project”. It seems like the success of their “project” is extremely vital.

Henry Singleton and the ship steerer met. Photo: Netflix

New information

As Eyk and Maura wander around the hospital, they saw a black protrusion, but Daniel was quick to show up and stop them from touching it. Eyk and Maura realized that Daniel knew what was happening and so, without hesitation, Eyk pointed his gun at Daniel. Daniel seemed reluctant, but he eventually fought back, knocked the gun off from Eyk, and sent Eyk somewhere else using his control panel.  However, Maura picked the gun up and threatened Daniel instead. Suddenly, Daniel kept asking Maura to remember him and revealed that he is her husband. Maura was still disturbed and locked him in a room in the hospital after taking his control panel away.

She ran outside and in a fit of rage, she threw the gun only for the gun to hit an invisible glass. Maura then realized that her view of the other world was made up of small screens that built the vision of that world. She removed one of these screen panels, only to discover the hull of the ship again. 

Meanwhile, after being sent to another world, Eyk eventually found a shaft and climbed back into a room. The room was messy and so he looked out. To his horror, he was on the Prometheus and there were a graveyard of ships around.

Scene from 1899 Episode 6 to illustrate recap
Graveyard of ships. Photo: Netflix

Additional Observations From Episode 6

  • Mrs Wilson touched a protrusion and it started spreading, causing her whole hand to turn black.
  • Lucien apologized to Jérôme and told him that he is dying because of something in his head. Lucien was supposed to go to America to seek a doctor’s help.
  • Olek has a photo of the Statue of Liberty from his brother. He and Ling Yi also got closer and kissed.
  • Tove’s father, Anker admitted to Ramiro that he never believed in God. He only became a priest because Iben claimed to have heard God’s voices. So, he pretended that he did too.

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