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1899- Episode 3 Recap

Scene from 1899 Episode 3 to illustrate recap

The 2nd episode ended with Ada’s body found. With what is being shown, Daniel was likely behind it.

1988 is a 2022 sci-fi thriller series surrounding a group of passengers aboard the Kerberos ship. The series was created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. Starring Emily Beecham, Andreas Pietschmann, Aneurin Barnard and Miguel Bernardeau.

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1899- Episode 3 Summary & Recap

Odd death

Episode 3 starts with Ling Yi’s (Isabella Wei) nightmare or distant memory where she was drowning in a box. Yet again, Maura’s whisper of “Wake up” woke Ling Yi up. She was brought to see Mrs Wilson who checked her chasity. Turns out Ling Yi is a virgin and Mrs Wilson herself was surprised considering Ling Yi was “meant to be one of her best girls”. Here, it seems like Mrs Wilson is a pimp and Yuk Je, Ling Yi’s mother was a prostitute. Devastated that she had to “get ready” by eight, Ling Yi ran off.

Meanwhile, a fog blocked Kerberos’s way and the ship had to halt. A male doctor on the ship examined Ada’s body and found no wounds, signs of struggle nor any discoloration on Ada’s skin and throat. He ruled the death was by natural causes or by heart attack, which Eyk and Maura found difficult to believe. Still, Eyk gave instructions to not notify Ada’s family. Instead, he showed Maura the hidden chamber that he found under his bed. It was hidden by a plank with the symbol of triangle and two lines. Eyk also told Maura about Henry Singleton who bought 3 German ships and installed new communication devices in those ships. Henry’s company symbol is exactly that very triangle symbol, which indicated that Henry owned the Kerberos ship.

Scene from 1899 Episode 3 to illustrate recap
Mrs Wilson instructed Ling Yi to undress so that she could check her virginity.


On top of that, Eyk confided in Maura about the odd hallucinations he had and his daughter’s ribbon that he found on the Prometheus. Believing that something was wrong with the ship, he suggested that he went back to the abandoned ship to look for the captain’s logbook. Maura wanted to follow him and the two took off. This however, created a rift with Franz who did not think Eyk was acting in interest of the ship. So he informed Ada’s family about Ada’s death. Tove and Krester were devastated.

Meanwhile Ling Yi was found by Olek after she started having visions similar to Eyk’s. Ling Yi saw herself trapped in a box and sent to the sea to drown by herself and her mother. Olek took her to another part of the ship and left to get her some food. During that time, Ling Yi had visions again, reminding her of how her sister died. Her sister was a prostitute and was supposed to get on the ship to New York from England. Ling Yi wanted to take her place on the ship and therefore gave her some medicine that she thought would made her sister fall asleep. Instead, her sister died. When Olek returned, Ling Yi’s visions stopped and Olek shared some words of encouragement.

Ling Yi then returned to her customer, Lucien who had been waiting for her. After a dance, Ling Yi offered to undress but Lucien stopped her. He began shaking and collapsed to the ground, telling Ling Yi that “it won’t take long”. In his room, Clemence found that Lucien had taken some form of liquid.

Ling Yi's sister showed her the kimono the company gave her.

Mystery thickens

When Eyk and Maura got on the Prometheus, they realized that the captain’s logbook were destroyed. But they found the similar hidden chamber from the captain’s room. Inside the chamber, they found a control panel that maintains the ship’s pressure. They had a similar one in Kerberos, but it was not working. In the incinerator, Eyk found a list of Prometheus passengers and took it. He looked horrified and did not tell Maura about it even after they got back to Kerberos. Turns out, Maura’s name was on the list of Prometheus passengers.

However, when Maura and Eyk returned, Franz had already started a mutiny by getting the third class passenger in arms. Olek who tried to ran away was captured and held captive with Jerome. Ramiro tried to ward Eyk too, but they ended up being cornered by the mutinies. What’s worse was several crew members were found dead. Again, their cause of death was unknown.

Daniel was seen with some form of remote control. After tampering with it, the ship’s pressure gauge started again, even though Eyk claimed that it couldn’t be used before. With that remote control, he also cleared the fog and made Prometheus disappeared out of sight.

Prometheus passenger list found in the incinerator.

Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • On the Prometheus passenger list, it was mentioned that the captain was E. Larsen, which might stand for Eyk Larsen himself.
  • When Maura was off to the Prometheus, the mysterious boy tried to go under the secret chamber. After he returned, Daniel came and see him. The boy indicated that he couldn’t find what he was looking for.
  • It was revealed that Ramiro killed a priest and took his clothes because of something Ángel did. Ramiro also did not like that Ángel does things as he pleases, especially after Ramiro found a drawing of Krester.

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