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1899- Episode 5 Recap

Scene from 1899 Episode 5 to illustrate recap

1988 is a 2022 sci-fi thriller series surrounding a group of passengers aboard the Kerberos ship. The series was created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. Starring Emily Beecham, Andreas Pietschmann, Aneurin Barnard and Miguel Bernardeau.

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1899- Episode 5 Summary & Recap

Time pause

Maura remembered some things from the past. She was in front of a grave with “Wake up” written on the cross. Then, she was dragged by two people as she continued to shout at her father. She was then strapped to a retaining chair and was injected on the neck. After that, she woke up on the Kerberos ship’s dining room with Daniel by her side. The boy was locked in the cabinet again. Maura could hear thudding on the cabinet. 

Soon after, Eyk and the non-mutineers came in and Tove came over to align herself with them. But as the cabinet continued to rattle, Maura went over to open the cabinet. One of Eyk’s men shot her gun towards Maura and Daniel jumped, trying to protect Maura. However, time suddenly stopped and everyone paused except for Maura and the cabinet rattling. Although she was not sure what was going on, Maura took the bullet away and saved the boy. The boy then dragged Maura away from the room and everyone unfroze. They were all confused except for Daniel who was frustrated.

Then, everyone suddenly hears a sound of a ticking clock and out of no where, some people seemingly became hypnotized. This includes Yuk Je and Krester. This group of people then started marching to the ship’s deck and slowly jumped off the ship into the ocean. Ling Yi witnessed her mother’s death while Krester’s father saw Krester’s. 


Hypnotized people jumped into the ocean to their death.

Another world

As all this is happening, the boy dragged Maura into her room. Maura couldn’t bear it anymore and asked the boy what was happening. He wrote down “They are listening” on a note for Maura and proceeded to whisper to Maura that he couldn’t tell her. He said that she would need to ask the Creator. Then, he brought her down the shaft in her room and released the shiny beetle. The walls started changing into a tunnel and they went through it to reach the grave Maura saw earlier in the episode, but the words “Wake up” was not written on the cross. 

Then, suddenly, Maura found herself in front of an asylum and the restraining chair from before. Her father seemingly appeared, but Maura could tell that this wasn’t real. Nevertheless, when two people forced her into the restraining chair, Maura tried to struggle. She was then injected on her neck and woke up in her room on the Kerberos.

Meanwhile, Daniel tried going down the shaft to the graveyard but only found the boy there. The boy said that they have never gotten that far before, and Daniel reassured him that he would be safe there. Daniel then went back to save the ship from sinking. At the same time, the ship received an order from the company. It read- Sink ship.

Scene from 1899 Episode 5 to illustrate recap
Daniel asked the boy to stay put there. Photo: Netflix


As Maura scurry through the Kerberos corridors, she bumped into Eyk and got him into his room. Maura explained that all of these could not be real and further revealed that she is actually Maura Singleton, daughter of Henry Singleton. Apparently, Henry Singleton likes to study human brains. Eyk also revealed that his own signature was on the Prometheus passenger list as the captain. As they were talking, Maura detected a shiny beetle, captured it and let it down the shaft beneath Eyk’s bed. It again opened up a corrider that led Maura and Eyk to Eyk’s house. They later returned to the ship.

Meanwhile, Daniel went up to the machine on the ship that powered up last episode. He pulled out a flashlight and control panel and tried to do something with it. A third class worker found Daniel’s devices odd and tried to stop him. But Daniel managed to pull through and stop the machine and “deactivated” the worker who ended up falling flat on the ground. Once the machine was powered down, the ticking stopped and people were no longer hypnotized.

Henry Singleton received a code message from Kerberos.

After the ticking stopped, everyone gathered on the ship deck and only the few of them remained. They received the message from the company – sink ship. Here, Daniel told everyone that the company meant to sink Kerberos.

The episode ends with Henry Singleton receiving a cryptic message from a member of the Kerberos ship. He then looked outside his window and saw a huge black pyramid outside, one that resembled the black pyramid the mysterious boy was holding.


Additional Observations From Episode 5

  • When Clémence questioned Lucien about whether he loves her, Lucien told Clémence that he does indeed love her, but he wish he didn’t because she reminded him of all the things he does not have.
  • Maura believes that she was actually a doctor in the asylum and not a patient. She thinks her father tampered with her memory.
  • Another member of the crew ship also possess a controller like Daniel.

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