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Alba : Episode 11 Recap

Scene from Alba Episode 11 to illustrate recap

The four boys were sentenced to jail time, but Mercedes has another ace up her sleeve. Hugo committed suicide.

Alba is a Spanish TV drama adapted from  Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?, known as Fatmagül in Spain. The story centres around a young woman, Alba (Elena Rivera) who was raped by her boyfriend, Bruno’s (Eric Masip) group of friends.

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TRIGGER WARNING: This episode discuss the incidents of rape, sexual assault and suicide.

Alba- Episode 11 Summary & Recap

César in a corner

Rubén was horrified by Hugo’s suicide and stayed with Hugo’s body. Even when César arrived with the police force, Rubén refused to go. César noticed a letter written by Hugo to Alba and decided to keep it for himself.

At the press conference, Mercedes revealed that she was having an affair with Manuel Cruz and claimed that the case should not have gone to trial. She told them that she ended the affair with Manuel and he brought the case to trial as a revenge. The case was therefore ruled as a mistrial, devastating Alba. Bruno promised to get her justice and offered to get close to Jacobo in order to get more information that will help Alba’s case.

After Hugo’s funeral, Bruno tried getting closer to Jacobo, telling him that he did not trust Alba anymore after she caused him jail sentence. Jacobo was wary of Bruno, and told Bruno that he needs time processing all this. Meanwhile, Rubén was devastated by Hugo’s death and blamed Alba for all of this. Seeing his son in such a state, Mercedes went over to Alba’s place and offered to take car of her whole family their entire life if she were to drop the case. However, when Alba rejected her proposal, Mercedes threatened to destroy her and her loved ones.

Scene from Alba to illustrate recap
Alba when she heard the case had been ruled as a mistrial. Photo: Netflix

Drugs and alcohol

With the havoc that was going on around the Entrerríos family, Iván decided that it was time to start making plans. He reached out to Eloy and suggested that the two of them take the company for themselves. Initially, Eloy was conflicted because he would only do what Victor wants. But Iván convinced him that Victor would not approve of this after hearing about Mercedes’s affair.

To cover his devastation, Rubén wanted more drugs. He barged into Tirso’s store when only Bego was around and stole some. Bego was furious that Tirso still had drug stock and thought Tirso was still dealing. Tirso explained that he had to return the excess stock to his supplier. Bego and Alba were both disappointed at Tirso. Later on, Rubén went a step further and provoked Alba when she was alone in the restroom. Alba ended up having another anxiety attack.

Bruno and Jacobo later went to look for Rubén in Hugo’s place. Rubén was drowning himself in coke and whiskey over hugo’s death. Peer pressured and trying to gain their trust, Bruno too snort some coke. However, when he later found out about what Rubén did to Alba, he was angry.

Scene from Alba to illustrate recap
Ruben got into an argument with Mariano when Mariano suggested Ruben start sessions with Dr. Salarich

Lies revealed

After some time, Miriam decided to come clean to Toño. She told him that she received money from Eloy after finding  Rubén’s ring at the location of Alba’s rape. Toño was shocked and although Miriam wanted to confessed another thing, Toño ran away.

Eloy contacted César again. He still needed César’s help to keep a watchful eye on Alba. After that, César went to Toño’s bar for a drink but Tirso soon arrived and asked him to leave. Tirso told Toño that César had been helping the Entrerríos family for a long time. Toño was shocked and couldn’t seem to fathom why everyone had been lying to him. César left without saying much, but left Hugo’s letter for Alba with Toño. Toño passed the letter to Alba.

Manuel got into a spat with Mercedes and accidentally caused Mercedes to fall down a flight of stairs, leaving Mercedes unconscious.

Scene from Alba to illustrate recap
Miriam told Tono the truth about her deal with Eloy. Photo: Netflix

Additional Observations From Episode 11

  • Manuel was furious at Mercedes and threatened revenge.
  • Before Eloy contacted César again, César was devastated as his daughter needed another treatment. He confided in Clara over all this and thanked her for showing him kindness despite his horrible actions.
  • Mariano gave Luisito a ball and claimed that he and the boy had a lot in common. It seems that Miriam and Mariano were involved in the past.
  • César and Toño used to be childhood friends.
  • Sandra was willing to continue her engagement with Ruben.

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