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Alba : Episode 7 Recap

Scene from Alba Episode 7 to illustrate recap

After many underhanded attempts at discrediting Alba, the Entrerríos cousins, together with Bruno and Hugo, were finally brought to court for Alba’s rape case.

Alba is a Spanish TV drama adapted from  Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?, known as Fatmagül in Spain. The story centres around a young woman, Alba (Elena Rivera) who was raped by her boyfriend, Bruno’s (Eric Masip) group of friends.

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Alba- Episode 7 Summary & Recap

Difficult choices

Angry, Mercedes marched to Manuel’s office demanding an explanation. Turns out Victor Entrerríos was involved in a lot of corruption and “other businesses” and Manuel’s colleagues had been pressuring him to look into their accounts. Manuel had no choice but to choose between the rape case or the Entrerríos business accounts. As for Alba’s case, Manuel advised that Mercedes try to reach a settlement with Alba.

Bruno felt stuck because he genuinely wanted to help Alba but could not be close to her right now. Aunt Clara suggested that they get their own lawyers for the case, but Bruno insisted on using the Entrerríos lawyer, Eloy, in order to know their defence and help Alba. It wasn’t just Bruno. Alba, too, did not know what to do as she still had feelings for Bruno. Part of her believed he didn’t do anything that night, but could not bear with the fact that he was there. A flashback revealed how Alba got together with Bruno when they bumped into each other in Madrid. They felt an instant connection towards each other.

Scene from Alba to illustrate recap
On the first night they bumped into each other in Madrid, Bruno and Alba hid in the toilet away from Bruno's friends. Photo: Netflix

Complicated relationships

Both Eloy and Jacobo advised Rubén to stop partying to improve their party image and Rubén got annoyed. Hugo accompanied Rubén to his room to console him and managed to get Rubén to calm down. Grateful to have Hugo by his side,  Rubén told Hugo that he considers Hugo more than just a friend. Hugo misinterpreted this and kissed Rubén on the lips. Rubén was immediately disgusted, called Hugo a faggot and chased Hugo out of his room.

As a way to get out of trial, the Entrerríos also told the media that they were trying to reach a settlement with Alba’s team. However, they have not actually reached out to Marta and was just seeing if Alba would bite. Alba and Marta made sure to made it clear that they would not get into a settlement. Eloy also called Marta. The two seemed to know each other from the past. However, their conversation was not revealed.

Scene from Alba to illustrate recap
Hugo misinterpreted Rubén and kissed him. Photo: Netflix

The day before the trial, Aunt Clara went to Bruno’s place to accompany him for the night. She felt powerless and being by his side was the only thing she felt she could do. Meanwhile, Tirso made an excuse to visit Alba, but was actually concerned for her. Alba told Tirso about how kind Bruno was and about the times she saw a future with Bruno. She felt disappointed that she was wrong about him. Tirso suggested that Alba and him get together again, but Alba did not give him an answer. She kissed him on the lips, hugged him and thanked him for being there.

Trial begins

On the first day of the trial, the media was on top of the case, covering the news outside the court. Rubén got frantic about Bruno because he was late and was not very receptive of their strategy to discredit Alba. Because of this, Rubén got into a row with Jacobo and Hugo and that was when Hugo revealed that Bruno did not touch Alba that night. Jacobo noted that Rubén and Hugo had been acting weird the past two weeks and asked them to sort it out. When they were left alone, Rubén asked Hugo why he never revealed that he was queer. Hugo then replied that it was because Rubén would not accept it.

Scene from Alba to illustrate recap
Rubén confronted Hugo about his secret. Photo: Netflix

In court, Rubén refused to sit next to Hugo. The four boys gave their remarks. Jacobo, notably, mentioned that the line of consent can be blur, but he is sure that he is innocent of the charges.

Additional Observations From Episode 7

  • Aunt Clara asked César to help Bruno, but he had to decline. César told Clara did if he were to do so, his daughter’s life would be in danger.
  • Hugo was queer all this while and used social media to message boys

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