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Did Bruno Rape Alba?

Scene from Alba Episode 3 to illustrate recap

Alba is a Spanish TV drama adapted from  Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?, known as Fatmagül in Spain. The story centres around a young woman, Alba (Elena Rivera) who was raped by her boyfriend, Bruno’s (Eric Masip) group of friends.

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TRIGGER WARNING: This series and article discuss the incidents of rape and sexual assault.


Was Bruno involved in Alba's rape?

In the beginning of the series, Alba was raped and it was made clear that Bruno’s friends, Jacobo, Rubén and Hugo were involved. Things took a turn the three friends told Bruno that he also raped Alba. They claimed that Bruno showed up later and wanted to take part. This became an internal struggle for Bruno as he could not accept that he raped his own girlfriend while also fearing threats from the Enterrios family. When Alba got hold of the rape video and saw Bruno appearing in the video, she immediately thought he was involved too.

Turns out, Bruno did not actually take part in the sexual assault. Jacobo and Rubén drugged both Bruno and Alba that night with some very strong drugs. Although Bruno showed up in the crime scene, he fell unconscious soon after and completely passed out until the next morning. Jacobo came up with the idea to lie about Bruno’s involvement so that Bruno would not rat them out to the police.

Hugo, who deeply regret participating in the sexual assault, eventually told the truth to Alba and Alba’s lawyer, Marta. He also detailed the truth of what happened during the night in his letter before he committed suicide.

Scene from Alba to illustrate recap
Jacobo and Rubén arrested by the Civil Guards. Photo: Netflix

Why were there 4 semen samples found on Alba after the rape?

Lieutenant Giner informed Alba that lab tests revealed semen of 4 different individuals found on Alba. It was initially assumed that Bruno was the 4th individual. However, Alba later revealed that she and Bruno had intercourse the morning on the day of the rape. Therefore, Bruno’s semen traces were found as well.

Scene from Alba Episode 1 to illustrate recap
Bruno accompanied Alba to the police after the rape

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