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Alice In Borderland- Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Arisu and his teammates are in a bind. After the King of Clubs, Kyuma managed to gain an overwhelming lead in the game, Arisu’s team failed to catch up. There’s only 10 minutes left on the clock.

Alice In Borderland is a Japanese series based on the manga of the same name by  Haro Aso. The story follows Arisu, a young man who somehow entered another world where he and others had to play deadly games to survive. The series is directed by  Shinsuke Sato and stars Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya as the main leads.

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Alice In Borderland - Season 2 Episode 3 Summary & Recap


The episode starts off with a flashback on Tatta’s life before entering this world. He worked as a car mechanic and one day, he accidentally caused a permanent serious injury on his senior’s arm. From then on, he had felt completely useless as people around him started to alienate him. Now, in the arena of the King of Clubs, he felt the same way and is determined to help the team.

Before Niragi managed to sexually assault Usagi, Arisu arrived just in the nick of time to save Usagi. Without much hesitation, he beat up Niragi to the pulp and carried Usagi back to the base. Oddly, when he reached the base, Tatta was not there.

Tatta gets anxious as he remembered his past and strategized to win the game.


Few minutes later, Arisu met Kyuma alone at the area of the place facing the sea. He got a bit sentimental as he told Kyuma that he learnt a lot about leadership from the game. His last request is that either Kyuma tells him the truth about the world or that Kyuma shakes his hand as an opponent one final time. As Kyuma had more than 10,000 points while Arisu didn’t, Kyuma believed that there was no reason to worry. This was the last request from a great opponent, and so Kyuma and Arisu shook hands. Turns out Arisu had more than 10,000 points because he had Tatta’s wristband with him. This allowed Arisu’s team to gain the lead by 500 points.

All this was Tatta’s plan. He got the idea that he could remove his wristband if he chopped his hand off. Arisu was reluctant at first, but ended up going with it. This allowed them to win and the King of Clubs team got killed by the red laser from the sky. However, during the process, Tatta also died from the severe loss of blood. Niragi thanked the team and left but Arisu was in shambles as he lost yet another teammate. Arisu, Kuina and Usagi left Tatta’s cap in the arena to mourn his death.

Kyuma was willing to shake hands in the spirit of competition. Photo: Netflix

Jack of Hearts

The series then shifts its focus to Chishiya. He was in the Jack of Hearts game. Rules of the Jack of Hearts game:

1. Each player has a collar and the back of the collar shows which suit they are (hearts, clubs, spades or diamonds)
2. Players are given one hour to figure out their suit and they have to enter a room to enter their guess. If their guess is wrong, they will be killed.
3. Hidden among the group of players is the Jack of Hearts. The one-hour round continues endlessly until the Jack of Heart dies.
4. Throughout the game, the number of visa days will not be reduced. Food and snacks are provided to sustain the players.

A few alliances for immediately after the game started. Chishiya found a timid guy named Ippei and the two teamed up. There was also a chirpy girl in blue dress who immediately formed a big team so that team members could tell each other and verify their suits. Chishiya and Ippei was invited to the team. A man and a woman (Yaba and Kotoko) who was just having sex before the game immediately paired up. There was also a quiet, mysterious guy in blue shirt named Banda. He was approached by a guy in grey sweater, Matsushita and the two paired up.

Girl in blue dress gathers her team. Photo: Netflix

Game plan

The first killing in the game happens when there was a bully who hit another player to find out his suit. Banda advised the bullied player to lie about the bully’s suit and the bully was the first casualty. The girl in blue dress then started to slowly kill each and every player in her team and she started to distrust them. However, as the team gets more and more suspicious of one another, the team members started lying more often until all of them got killed. Chishiya and Ippei were spared as they mainly work with each other and strongly trust one another.

However, with all the killing going on, Ippei could not take it any longer. He then committed suicide by guessing the wrong suit on purpose. This left Chishiya without a partner. The only players left are Banda and Matsushita who is a pair, and Yaba and Kotoko who had also teamed up. Chishiya is now in a bad position.

Banda advised the bully victim to lie to the bully to kill the bully off. Photo: Netflix

Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • Before Kyuma passed away, Arisu told Kyuma his theory. Kyuma and his teammates were previously players and they cleared all levels. However, even after clearing all levels, they could not go back but instead become citizens of this world and create games instead.
    Kyuma only replied that if Arisu believes that is the truth, it must be true.

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