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Anatomy Of A Scandal: Episode 6 Recap

Still from Anatomy of A Scandal episode 6 to illustrate recap

In the previous episode, Kate Woodcroft managed to get James angered in court which showed a more angry side of him. Sophie, on the other hand noticed that Kate is similar to Holly and decided to show up at Kate’s office.

Anatomy of a Scandal is a British crime series based on the novel of the same name by Sarah Vaughan. The story that follows James Whitehouse (Rupert Friend), the Home Office Minister and his wife Sophie Whitehouse (Sienna Miller) as the news of his affair became public.

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode discuss the incidents of rape, sexual assault and substance abuse.

Anatomy of a Scandal: Episode 6 Summary & Recap

Sophie confronts Kate

At Kate’s office, Sophie asked Kate if they’ve met and told Kate that she looked familiar. When Kate denied ever knowing her and said she went to Liverpool University. Kate also denied ever knowing someone called Holly Berry when asked. Even though Sophie eventually left, she did not seem convinced by Kate’s answers. After Sophie left, Kate went to Alison and confided in her that Sophie knows her identity. Kate is worried that Sophie will report her to the police for being a fraud.

Still from Anatomy of A Scandal episode 6 to illustrate recap
Sophie confronted Kate in Kate's office. Photo: Netflix

James told Sophie about Holly

When Sophie returned home, James had a chat with her, telling her that he had started remembering that he had a quick but consensual sex with a woman the night of Alec’s accident. He admitted that the woman seemed shaken after sex because she was a virgin, and could have interpreted things differently. That woman could have been Holly. Sophie was shattered to hear what James had done and what he was capable of doing considering another student died that night and he was involved. James also admitted that he got rid of the evidence that Tom supplied the drugs to Alec, which shocked Sophie as she was not aware of this information when she became his alibi.

The jury's verdict

The next day, both lawyers, Kate and Angela gave the jury their closing statements for the case. Four hours later, the jury arrived at a verdict that James Whitehouse is not guilty. James is overjoyed by the news and Chris Clarke planned to restore things by putting James in charge of drug policies. Sophie who was skeptical asked James whether he said the words “don’t be such a prick tease”. James admitted to having said that but insisted he told the core truth in court, which is that Olivia wanted to have sex in the lift. Realizing that his husband was guilty and was not truthful in court, Sophie grew increasingly worried.

Meanwhile, Kate was distraught after the verdict. At home, she screamed to let out her frustration that her rapist is still out there. Alison visited to calm her down.

Still from Anatomy of A Scandal episode 6 to illustrate recap
James gave a statement to the press after the favorable verdict. Photo: Netflix

Alison tells the truth

Sophie located Alison and asked her about Holly’s whereabouts. Although Alison initially denied it, she eventually confessed that Sophie’s suspicion is true- that Kate Woodcroft is in fact Holly Berry. Alison told Kate that Sophie now knows and Kate is worried that she will be arrested for unethically practicing as a lawyer and prosecuting someone she knew. She confided in Richard and asked for his advice after breaking up with him.

Sophie makes her move

The next morning, Sophie told James she is leaving him with their children and started packing. James was shocked by the news and tried begging, but Sophie did not know who her husband is anymore. 

Then, Sophie met up with Kate where they had a conversation about Kate’s rape. Sophie also acknowledges her privilege and the consequences of her actions. Then she told Kate that as a method of course correction, she had made a call to the press about a Tom and James’ involvement in Alec’s death. Shortly after, Prime Minister Tom Southern and James were arrested by the police.

Still from Anatomy of A Scandal episode 6 to illustrate recap
James was arrested after Sophie went to the media. Photo: Netflix

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