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Mai: A Mother’s Rage: Episode 1 Recap

Scene from Mai: A Mother's Rage Episode 1 to illustrate summary

Hindi crime thriller, Mai: A Mother’s Rage is about Sheel Chaudhary (Sakshi Tanwar), a grieving mother who lost her daughter, Supriya (Wamiqa Gabbi) in a truck accident.

Mai: A Mother's Rage- Episode 1 Summary & Recap

Day of the accident

Sheel Chaudhary was busy preparing for young Archit’s birthday party with her husband, Yash Chaudhary (Vivek Mushran) when their mute daughter, Supriya came home. She noticed that Supriya’s phone was broken and asked her about it. As Yash noticed Sheel was having a hard time answering, Yash made up a lie that someone knocked into Supriya the previous day at the market.

Soon after Supriya went upstairs to see her younger cousin brother Archit (Mikhail Gandhi), Sheel heard an argument between Supriya and Archit where Archit was angry that Supriya took his iPad. When Sheel entered the room, Supriya was seen slapping the young boy. After Sheel reprimanded her daughter, Supriya stormed off and Sheel followed her daughter. She noticed that her daughter seemed off the last few days and asked if something is wrong. Supriya was standing on the side of the road when she signaled to her mother that something has happened, but then a large truck knocked Supriya all of the sudden and killed her. 

Scene from Mai: A Mother's Rage Episode 1 to illustrate summary
Supriya- moments before her death. Photo: Netflix

Something isn't right

Sheel and Yash had a hard time grieving their daughter’s passing. Young Archit also admitted that he hit Supriya first the other day. He said Supriya was acting oddly the past few days after Supriya had a video call and smashed her phone in anger. This is an event Sheel found odd as Supriya who usually shared everything with her did not tell her about what upset her that day. On top of that, Supriya’s phone is missing.

The truck driver who hit Supriya, Madan Singh, was charged with manslaughter when drunk driving. Although initially reluctant, Sheel attended the driver’s court hearing. After the hearing, a stranger came up to Sheel, wanted to talk to Supriya but stumbled with his words. He offered his condolences instead before walking away. Then, when Madan Singh was escorted away by the police, he bumped into Sheel, asked for Sheel’s forgiveness and told her he “didn’t want to do it”, indicating that it was not an accident. 

Scene from Mai: A Mother's Rage Episode 1 to illustrate summary
The truck driver apologized and told Sheel he didn't want to kill Supriya. Photo: Netflix

Truck driver's family got help

Sheel then went to the police and got Madan Singh’s address. She went to his house and noticed a woman and her son, a school boy coming out of the house. The woman, presumably Madan’s wife and her son got into a vehicle driven by a well-dressed man and woman. Sheel got into a taxi and followed them to the boy’s school, La Marina. She saw the well-dressed man and woman passing the documents to a school officer and Madan’s wife thanked the two of them. When Sheel approached Madan’s wife, Sheel found out that her son was getting admitted because she got help from some kind people, but the lady refused to divulge their identity. Not knowing what to do to get the information, Sheel tried speaking to the school administrator but could not hold back her tears when she started describing Supriya’s childhood. The administrator took pity in her and suggested that she goes to a board member, Jawahar Vyas, for help. Jawahar Vyas is a mafia boss and his mother happened to be Sheel’s patient.

Jawahar Vyas

Next, Sheel pretended to need Jawahar’s help to attend to Geeta Bhawan’s piping. She got help from Jawahar’s employee to bring her to Jawahar’s home as she wanted to meet him. At Jawahar’s house, while waiting for him, Sheel saw the well-dressed woman who was at La Marina school earlier instructing a man to book a flight for Jawahar sir in the morning. Sheel ran away when a big man saw her eavesdropping. At night, when Sheel told Yash what she saw, the couple got into a minor rift because Yash did not want Sheel to play detective and Sheel accused Yash of not caring about their daughter’s death.

Scene from Mai: A Mother's Rage Episode 1 to illustrate summary
Sheel eavesdropping at Jawahar Vyas' home. Photo: Netflix

Late that night, Sheel made a fake call to Jawahar telling him that his mother’s health has deteriorated. Jawahar rushed to the home immediately, but found out his mother was fine. Sheel then questioned why he was helping the truck driver who killed her daughter. Jawahar Vyas claimed he did not know the “mute girl” was Sheel’s daughter, indicating that he knew Supriya. Then, he seemingly tried to choke her but Sheel managed to inject him with a sedative. However, it turns out Jawahar is a heart patient who had undergone three angioplasty surgeries. Although Sheel wanted to save him, she was too late and all Jawahar told her before his passing was that he was trying to save Supriya.

Additional Observations From Episode 1

  • Supriya is a doctor and does stand-up comedy using sign language.
  • Sheel lives with her brother in law whom she calls Bhaisaab. He is a distinguished doctor who doesn’t seem to be happy that Yash is working as an electronics repair man, thinking it is lowly work.
  • Sheel also works as a nurse in a nursing home called Geeta Bhawan, ran by Bhaisaab.

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