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Delete (2023) Netflix – Episode 1 Recap

Still from Delete (2023) Netflix Episode 1

Delete (2023) is a Thai series about a pair of lovers, Aim and Lilly, who stumbled upon a phone which mysteriously erases people from their everyday life. Starring Nat Kitcharit, Fah Sarika Sathsilpsupa and Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying.

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Delete (2023) - Episode 1 Summary & Recap

Extramarital affair

It was night time, and a young girl is visibly scared and shaken. As she walks around the supermarket, she stumbles across a lady in brown attire. She handed over the phone to the lady and asked the lady to help take a photo of her. When the lady did, a jarring flash appeared from the phone, and the young girl disappeared.

The series now flashes back to a week before this incident. The lady in brown is an art gallery owner named Lilly (Sarika Sartsilpsupa). She is on vacation with her lover, Aim (Nat Kitcharit) who is a media executive editor and an author of the best-selling book named Lost & Found. Although Lilly and Aim were visibly infatuated with each other, Lilly is in fact married to a wealthy man named Too while Aim has a girlfriend named Orn (Chutimon Cheungcharoensukying). 

After returning from their vacation, in order not to get caught, Lilly bribed her driver. When the driver started spending more money, Too confided in Lilly that their driver might be stealing, but Lilly brushed it off by saying that she paid him extra for all the good work he has done. 

We also get to witness how disassociated Lilly and Too were as a married couple. When their horse fell sick, Lilly wanted to find the very best vet to help cure it, but Too shot the horse dead despite seeing how caring Lilly was towards the animal.

Lilly paid her driver off to keep her affair a secret. Photo: Netflix

Finding out the secret

Similarly, Aim and Orn’s relationship did not seem to be going on a good path. Aim did not pay much attention to Orn, and did not want to engage in conversations. Unlike Too, Orn was quick to notice something was off. Then, when she found another woman’s earring in her shower, she was certain. She left for another modelling job the next day, but she planted a camera in the living room.

Coincidentally, Too also invited Aim to a meeting with himself and Lilly, He wanted Aim to help cover the story about their estate. Worried that Too might get suspicious, Aim agreed to take the job. Lilly was upset and met up with Aim later at Aim’s house. They ended up having sex in the living room, and the camera captured them in the act.

When Orn got back and got hold of the footage, she told Aim to break up with Lilly. Otherwise, she threatened to leak the video and divulge Aim’s secret- that his best-selling book Lost & Found is fake. Left with no choice, Aim called Lilly to talk privately the next day.

Orn threatened to reveal that Aim's book is a scam. Photo: Netflix

The phone

The night Aim called Lilly was the night Lilly got hold of the mystery phone that could erase people from the world. Right before, she had a sick stomach and took a pregnancy test.

When Aim and Lilly met the next day, Lilly immediately tell him about the phone. At first, Aim did not believe it. But when he tried it on a homeless man, he was shocked that the man actually disappeared. Aim also got the chance to inform Lilly about Orn’s threats, and Lilly was very fearful about their affair being brought to light.

Therefore, when Aim got back that night, he used the phone on Orn and made her disappear.

Additional Observations From Episode 1

  • Aim first met Lilly when he interviewed her for his media company.
  • Lilly believes that Too had been acting strange, but wasn’t sure whether he knew of her affair.

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