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Fool Me Once- Episode 3 Recap

Fool Me Once- Episode 3 Summary & Recap

Who is the owner of the red car who has been tailing Maya?

Maya did not keep quiet after her conversation with Caroline. She approached Judith about it and asked why she was paying Detective Sami Kierce. Judith seemed perplexed, but her son, Neil jumped in and asked Maya to leave.

The next day, when Maya was updating Eva about her progress on Claire’s burner phone, she noticed that the calls to that phone only happened in the morning, before the arcade was even open. So, Maya decided to go to the arcade early that day, but to her surprise, she saw the red car that has been following her. She placed a tracker on the car and got her friend, Shane to track down the car.

During one of her helicopter lessons, Shane buzzed Maya and informed her about the car’s location. It was nearby to Maya and so Maya used the helicopter to track down the car. She found the car in the middle of the woods and it turns out that the car belongs to Corey the Whistle, the blogger who destroyed her career.

The two of them had a chat and it turns out, Corey and Claire had known each other for a while. In return for Corey not to release an audio tape that would further bring down Maya, Claire agreed to help Corey dig dirt on the Burkett family. According to Corey, before Claire died, she found out that the Burkett family has been paying off a man named Tommy Dark for the past 26 years. In fact, Joe and Corey also agreed to meet. But before that meeting could take place, Joe was shot. Given the situation, Corey wants Maya to work together with him as he is certain that the Burkett family has a really dark secret.

Corey The Whistle wants to work with Maya to look into the Burkett family. Photo: Netflix

Mission to find the ex-boyfriend

At first, Maya tried tracking down the man known as Tommy Dark. She went to his office, but he has gone away, and his wife also kept mum. Stuck, Maya then relayed this information to Shane and requested his help to get info on Tommy Dark.

Meanwhile, Claire’s children, Abby and Dan were on their own mission. They found out that the man in the photos with their mum is Alexander, a CEO of a tech company. Wanting to get answers, the two of them headed to the company’s office and Alexander requested to meet privately.

They eventually met that evening. Alexander told Abby that he met Claire in France years ago and they fell in love. Unfortunately, once they came back to the UK, Claire broke up with him. The news on Claire’s death was also heavily sensationalized and therefore, he found out about the incident and visited her grave. However, when Abby brought up the photo of a pregnant Claire from 2003, Alexander seemed genuinely surprised. Claire managed to get out of the place before Alexander asks too many questions.

Plot thickens

The police eventually managed to get some CCTV footages of the night Joe died. As per Maya’s testimony, there were two men on motorbikes. One of the bikes cannot be found, but Detective Marty managed to trace one back to Phil Dawson, Abby’s football coach.

Meanwhile, in the Burkett family home, Caroline sneaked into Judith’s room one night and found the green shirt Joe was wearing in the nanny cam footage. At Maya’s home, Maya woke up from her nightmare to her daughter, Lily crying. She tried looking for Lily in her room but she wasn’t there. Then, she went to her cabinet of weapons, and hidden in a secret compartment is another Glock. Maya took it and went to the living room to get her daughter.

Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • When Detective Sami and Marty visited Eddie, Eddie could not give a solid alibi for the night Joe died.
  • Shane had a casual chat with Detective Sami at a food truck, and the detective revealed that Maya had been hallucinating about her dead husband.

Fool Me Once is a British limited series adapted from Harlan Coben’s 2016 novel of the same name. It follows a newly-widowed lady named Maya Stern who caught her dead husband on a nanny cam. Starring Michelle Keegan, Richard Armitage and Adeel Akhtar.

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