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Lies and Deceit: Episode 5 Recap

Still from Lies and Deceit episode 5 to illustrate recap

Mentiras, or Lies and Deceit in English, is a Spanish thriller series that tells the story of Laura Munar (Ángela Cremonte) as she reported a rape incident after a date with Xavier Vera (Javier Rey). In the end of Episode 4, Laura was exhausted during intense kayaking session after finding out about Xavier’s plan to sue her for defamation.

Lies and Deceit: Episode 5 Recap

Laura finds out about the affair

After seemingly passing out from exhaustion, Laura managed to gather herself again to paddle to the shore where she passed out again. Several people at the boat house tried to help her, but Laura left immediately after she woke up.

Then, Laura headed to Iván’s place and asked him to for a gun to feel safe. Although Iván was initially reluctant, he ended up agreeing with the condition that he teach Laura how to use it. When Iván left the hall to look for his gun, Laura casually looked through some of his things and found a CD with love notes addressed to Cata. She took the CD and quietly followed Iván’s instructions during the gun training.

Still from Lies and Deceit episode 5 to illustrate recap
Laura learning how to use the gun from her ex, Iván. Photo: Netflix

Seething from knowledge about the affair, Laura confronted Cata about Cata’s relationship with Iván. Although Cata tried to convince Laura that the affair has ended a while back, Laura refused to hear her explanation and stormed off. Iván and Cata tried to find Laura the whole day but to no avail. Meanwhile, Cata came clean to her husband about the affair and Sergio decided to move out with the kids.

Daniela realizes what happened

The morning Detective Daniela Bauzá discovered blood, she immediately went to the hospital. Her baby turned out to be okay but the nurses found cuts in her vagina, which confused Daniela because she hadn’t had sex for more than 2 months. The hospital decided to run some tests and found Scopolamine (a prescription drug used during surgery) in her urine sample. They therefore believed she could be a victim of sexual assault. Daniela was shocked and initially refused to report the incident. However, her partner, Detective Victor Silva found out about it and confronted Daniela. At that point, Daniela could remember pieces of what happened- that Xavier Vera raped her in her own house.

Still from Lies and Deceit episode 5 to illustrate recap
After remembering the rape, Daniela told Victor about Xavier. Photo: Netflix

Keen to exact justice, Daniela traced Xavier’s car’s GPS location. She found out that Xavier’s car was parked near her house for an hour the day before. When she took a look at Xavier’s location at that point in time, she found it odd that his car is driving towards a boating area near the lake and decided to head there.

Laura couldn't bring herself to shoot

While Cata and Iván was busy looking for her, Laura was hiding near Xavier’s house. Once Xavier came out with his car, she jumped in and pointed her gun at him. She made him drive to the boating area (where Detective Daniela saw in her GPS tracker) and held him at gunpoint in the boat shed. However, Laura couldn’t bring herself to shoot Xavier and shot the roof instead. Xavier took this opportunity to push Laura away, injuring her leg. 

Still from Lies and Deceit episode 5 to illustrate recap
Xavier cried when Laura wanted to shoot him. Photo: Netflix

Laura tried to run but Xavier caught up, kissed her against her will and pinned her to the ground. Xavier was seemingly about to rape Laura again before Detective Daniela arrived and Xavier stopped. He told the detective that Laura held him at gunpoint and almost shot him at the boat shed. At that point, Laura was too shaken but what happened, and could not deny his accusation when Daniela questioned her. Therefore, Daniela was forced to let Xavier go.

Additional Observations and Events From Episode 5

  • Lucas started questioning his dad on the reasons behind his mother’s death. Xavier overheard Amal telling Lucas to accept the truth about Xavier.
  • Xavier kept his bottles of Scopolamine in a tool shed in his mother’s house. He also recorded what seems like his act of rape on video and jerked off to it in the shed. A caretaker in Xavier’s mothers home noticed Xavier at the shed, but did not seem to question his actions. Instead, she brought him some lemonade.

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