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Lies and Deceit: Episode 2 Recap

Still from Lies and Deceit episode 2 to illustrate recap

Mentiras, or Lies and Deceit, is a Spanish thriller series remade from the British TV series, Liar. The series tells the story of Laura Munar (Ángela Cremonte) as she reported a rape incident after a date with Xavier Vera (Javier Rey).

Lies and Deceit: Episode 2 Recap

People at work and school finds out

Laura’s social media post on Xavier went viral and was shared by multiple people. Lucas showed support to his dad but was crushed to find out that his girlfriend, Amal, believes Laura. At work, Xavier could not properly concentrate on a surgery when Cata was there to assist.

Although her post reached a lot of people, Laura also received tons of hate comments. Detective Daniela and Víctor advised Laura to visit a therapist while they work on the case. They believed the social media post will make it difficult for them to prosecute Xavier in court.

Still from Lies and Deceit episode 2 to illustrate recap
Xavier was bothered at work when assisted by Cata. Photo: Netflix

Laura takes matter into her own hands

Still convinced she was drugged, Laura is hell bent on finding evidence. She called Cata to check that Xavier was at work, stole Lucas’ house keys and broke into Xavier’s house. Laura found a bottle with clearless liquid that appeared to be a drug. 

Laura informed Iván of this and Iván pulled some strings to get the police to issue a search warrant for Xavier’s house. However, the liquid turned out to be Xavier’s mother’s medication. Despite Laura’s denial of involvement, the police asked Laura not to interfere. Nevertheless, Xavier was convinced that Laura had a hand in the search and therefore, opened an internal investigation report with the police.

Still from Lies and Deceit episode 2 to illustrate recap
Laura broke into Xavier's house to look for evidence. Photo: Netflix

Who is telling the truth?

When he was digging through Xavier’s past, Iván found issues with Xavier’s wife’s death, with some evidence pointing that it might not be suicide. Meanwhile, Xavier received a call from an unknown man, Mario Cuevas. Mario suggested that Xavier and him meet as Laura had done the same thing to Mario before.

Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • Laura might have a tendency for self harm. She cut her own palms with glass after remembering parts of the date with Xavier.
  • Laura could not find her mother’s earring, indicating she might have dropped it at Xavier’s house.

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