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Mai: A Mother’s Rage: Episode 4 Recap

Scene from Mai: A Mother's Rage Episode 4 to illustrate summary

Last episode, Sheel located the crypto key after searching through heaps of medical waste bags. After a brawl between Prashant, Shankar and Keshav, Sheel lost control and bashed Keshav up with a bat until he passed out. 

Mai: A Mother’s Rage is a Hindi crime thriller about Sheel Chaudhary (Sakshi Tanwar), a grieving mother who lost her daughter, Supriya (Wamiqa Gabbi) in a truck accident.

Mai: A Mother's Rage- Episode 4 Summary & Recap

Keshav was held hostage

Prashant and Shankar fulfilled their end of the bargain and got Sheel out safely. In return, they got hold of the crypto key. The three of them tie Keshav up in an old bungalow belonging to one of Sheel’s patient. When Keshav woke up, Sheel tried to get information from him on who killed her daughter. Keshav suggested that Sheel lead him back to Neelam, who would save Sheel in return. He also mentioned that Neelam can tell Sheel what she did to Supriya. When Sheel tried to probe further, Keshav tried to attack her and Sheel injured Keshav’s arm using a sharp knife during the struggle. In his anger, Keshav called Supriya a whore and said Supriya deserved to be f*cked into silence. To punish Keshav for his vulgar words about her daughter, Sheel poured a kettle of boiling water on Keshav, scalding him.

Keshav eventually told Sheel that he was instructed to kill all those involved in the medical scam or offered money. Since Supriya accepted 1 million in bribe in the pathology lab, she was taken care off.

Scene from Mai: A Mother's Rage Episode 4 to illustrate summary
Sheel poured boiling water on Keshav, burning him. Photo: Netflix

Intention to kill

Sheel did not stop there. She went to Supriya’s pathology lab and found some CCTV footages that showed Supriya meeting Neelam. Again, Sheel noticed Neelam using an inhaler. She then started mixing other chemicals to be filled into another inhaler and tried to swap Neelam’s inhaler the next morning in an event. However, she was stopped by Yash who was looking for her as she missed the ceremony for Supriya’s 13th day of passing.

At night, Sheel tried to make things right by visiting Yash at work where he was doing some repair work for the lady who spoke German. Unfortunately, Yash did not want to leave with her and Sheel heard the two speaking in German in a friendly manner as she left the building.

Scene from Mai: A Mother's Rage Episode 4 to illustrate summary
During a commotion, Sheel tried to get Neelam's back to swap her inhaler. Photo: Netflix

Mafia's lair

On the mafia’s side, Prashant did not want to tell Neelam he found the key as it would look suspicious as Keshav will go missing on the same day. As a result, Prashant and Shankar was beaten up for not finding the key.

Meanwhile, Neelam then blackmailed Jayesh Desai as she found out that he has affection towards boys. She ensured that Desai could get the human couriers to transport more money with the same commission. The entire conversation was heard by Farooque who planted mics in their room.

Neelam falls into a trap

Sheel then used Keshav’s phone to call Neelam but remained silent. Noticing that Keshav’s phone is now turned on, Neelam asked Raghu to drive her to the device’s location. Unfortunately, they were split up when the SPF were following them, but Neelam managed to get out of their tail. 

When Neelam arrived at the location, she saw Keshav’s phone in a small garage and went in. Before she could do anything, Sheel trapped her and locked the entrance. Then she fed gas into the garage to suffocate Neelam. Not sure what to do, Neelam called Raghu over and used her gun to shoot the entrance, which startled Sheel. Sheel’s shoes got entangled in the gas device and gas started spraying directly to her face. She eventually managed to free herself and ran away. Neelam, on the other hand, was saved by Raghu who also noticed a shoe strap on the gas device.

Scene from Mai: A Mother's Rage Episode 4 to illustrate summary
Raghu rescued Neelam from sufficating in a garage with pumped gas. Photo: Netflix

More events that night

That night, Farooque led the SPF team and hunted down Jayesh Desai. They pressured him to reveal the location of the cash but he claimed to not know this information. When his subordinate hesitated to kill Desai after his order, Farooque took the gun himself and shot Desai.

Meanwhile, Sheel made her way to the hospital and was saved by the other caretaker lady. Then, she headed home and got into another argument with Yash because Bhaisaab no longer allows Sheel to see Archit. It was revealed that Yash was the one who wanted to hand over Archit to Bhaisaab against Sheel’s wishes.

Scene from Mai: A Mother's Rage Episode 4 to illustrate summary
Farooque shot Desai after cornering him with SPF officers. Photo: Netflix

Additional Observations From Episode 4

  • Keshav is loyal to Neelam because Neelam saved him from his abusive mother.
  • Farooque wants to divorce his wife.

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