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Mai: A Mother’s Rage: Episode 5 Recap

Scene from Mai: A Mother's Rage Episode 5 to illustrate summary

Last episode, Neelam was saved from Sheel’s attempt to kill her. Meanwhile, Farooque killed Jayesh Desai.

Mai: A Mother's Rage- Episode 5 Summary & Recap

The brother returns

One morning, as Sheel was helping Madam Kusum, Jawahar’s brother, Mohandas (or Mohan for short) arrived from Beijing. He swore to avenge his brother and found whoever was hiding the crypto key. Just as Sheel was about to leave, Mohan stopped her and asked what she knew about the crypto key considering Geeta Bhawan got searched thoroughly for it. Quick on her feet, Sheel told Mohan that they have looked through every corner of Lucknow except for Neelam’s house.

Scene from Mai: A Mother's Rage Episode 5 to illustrate summary
Mohan asked Sheel for information. Photo: Netflix

Time to act

Knowing that Mohan will now search Neelam’s house, Sheel had to find the crypto key quickly. She tried digging through Prashant’s stuff at his house but could not find the key. Instead, she found photos that showed that Prashant and Shankar were actually in a relationship. She later remembered Prashant asking Shankar to cover the motorcycle at the place they kept Keshav captive. To her relief, Sheel found the crypto key.

After breaking into Neelam’s home in the back door, Sheel snuck into Neelam’s house to find a place to hide the key. However, Mohan was arriving at the same time. By a stroke of luck, Sheel managed to hide in Neelam’s closet and hid the key underneath Neelam’s pile of clothes. Mohan found the crypto key and killed all of Neelam’s men in her house.

Scene from Mai: A Mother's Rage Episode 5 to illustrate summary
Sheel climbing into the second floor of Neelam's house. Photo: Netflix

Sheel waited for Mohan to leave and was about to do so herself but noticed Shankar in the room. She then rescued him. Meanwhile, Prashant was not in the room because Neelam instructed him to help transport the human couriers now that Desai is dead. Prashant pretended to be a cop on his wedding day to escape the police checks.

Farooque almost found out

Some time later, Sheel tried to convince Keshav to start anew in another city, but Keshav refused an started cursing her instead. Sheel then injected him with a sedative. As she locked the door of her client’s house and walked out, Farooque arrived with his subordinate and told Sheel that this is the last place Keshav’s phone was tracked to be in before it changed to the factory garage. Sheel tried to distract Farooque from entering the house and discovering Keshav but it failed. Then, she purposely stepped on a board with nails to injure herself. Farooque and his man brought her back to Geeta Bhawan and postponed the search. That night, Sheel and the other caretaker lady transferred Keshav to Geeta Bhawan’s cold storage to hide him.

Scene from Mai: A Mother's Rage Episode 5 to illustrate summary
Sheel injected a sedative into Keshav. Photo: Netflix

Raghu and Neelam's next step

Mohan, who now wanted to kill Neelam, went to Raghu and told him about the crypto key while threatening him with Raghu’s grandson’s life. Feeling betrayed by Neelam, Raghu called her but Neelam told him that someone is setting her up as she was almost killed the other day. Having had no choice, Neelam surrendered to the SPF and tried to strike a deal with them. She will give her testimony that could reveal the medical scam and murder of government health officials to the SPF in return for immunity for herself and Keshav, which was revealed to be her lover. Neelam’s condition is that she will only give her testimony once the SPF finds Keshav. The mafia side heard of Neelam going to the SPF and hence, Goyal instructed Prashant to work with Mohan to kill Neelam.

Another attack

Yash and Sheel was working at the pharmacy that night when Raghu came to get some medicine. He then noticed that Sheel’s shoes has a similar strap to the strap he found on the gas tank that Neelam’s attacker used. He immediately hit Yash and knocked him out using a telephone. Then Raghu tried to pin Sheel but she sprayed his eyes with some inflaming spray and knocked Raghu out using a fire extinguisher.

Scene from Mai: A Mother's Rage Episode 5 to illustrate summary
Raghu writhing in pain after Sheel sprayed on his eyes. Photo: Netflix

Additional Observations From Episode 5

  • A flashback revealed that Farooque’s wife attempted suicide and Supriya who felt guilty, asked Farooque to stay by her side
  • After Sheel transferred Keshav to Geeta Bhawan, Prashant suggested Sheel kill Keshav but Sheel wanted to convince him to start a new life. She also informed Prashant about her planting the crypto key.

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