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Pieces Of Her: Episode 7 Recap

Still from Pieces Of Her Episode 7 to illustrate recap

Based on a book of the same name, Pieces Of Her is a thriller series that follows Andy Oliver (Bella Heathcote) as she discovers her mother, Laura’s (Toni Collette) past. The previous episode of Pieces Of Her ended with Andy left by Jane at the diner. Jane took the suitcase with her, presumably to Nick.

Pieces Of Her: Episode 7 Summary & Recap

Jane wanted to bring Andrew the hospital

Right after Grace Juno shot Martin Queller, Nick brought Jane, Andrew and the Army of The Changing World to hide at Eli and Clara’s place. When they arrived, they noticed that Andrew was shot during the whole fiasco but Nick did not want to bring Andrew the the hospital as bullet wounds are reported to the police and the police are after them. Jane, who was pregnant then, stayed by Andrew’s side but could not bear to watch her brother slowly die. 

She tried to look for some money to bring Andrew to the hospital. 

During that search, she found a tape recorder that recorded a conversation between Nick and Jasper. Nick informed Jasper that he could take over Quellcorp after their plan in Oslo. Jane took the tape and some money before Nick noticed her weird actions. When Jane told Nick that she wants to take Andrew to the hospital, Nick tried to persuade Jane and eventually hit her when he failed to do so. 

Jane threatens Jasper

Still from Pieces Of Her Episode 7 to illustrate recap
Jane Queller mourning after Andrew's death. Photo: Netflix

After the physical assault, Jane could no longer bear it. When Nick was busy, Jane took a gun and hit Nick on the head, leaving him unconscious. Then, Jane transferred all of Prof Alexander’s ransom money into the suitcase we came to know ended up in Carrollton’s Get Em Go, and took Andrew to the hospital with Clara’s help. 

Unfortunately, Andrew passed soon after he was brought into the hospital. Jasper suggested that Jane put the blame on Andrew and Nick, so that the both of them could lead their normal lives. However, Jane disagreed. Instead, she wanted to turn herself in to the police and tell them about Nick while Jasper would take over their father’s company and undo their father’s evil ways. She also demanded that no one blame Andrew for the incident. When Jasper asked why she was making such demands, Jane told Jasper she had the tapes on his conversation with Nick and Jasper would have to do as she wishes.

Andy wakes up in Clara's old house

In the morning, Charlie came to pick Andy up from the diner. As Charlie had some idea as to where Jane might go, the two of them drove up north. When they were on their way, another car hit Charlie’s car from the side, flipping it and Andy fell unconscious from the accident. 

Andy woke up in an old house surrounded by woods with children’s drawings on the wall. She started to regain some of her childhood memories. When Andy was younger, Clara and Eli took care of her and warned her not to wander far. One day, Nick appeared in front of young Andy and wanted to take her away. However, Eli arrived home and both Clara and Eli started to look for Andy. Realizing Clara and Eli were headed towards their direction, Nick told Andy to keep their encounter a secret and gave her a unique coin before running away into the woods.

Still from Pieces Of Her Episode 7 to illustrate recap
Andy met Nick when she was young. Photo: Netflix

After some time, Jane came back for young Andy and thanked Clara for taking care of her daughter. Although the young Andy and Jane had some difficulties warming up to each other, they eventually reached a point where Andy is willing to leave with Jane. In the car, Jane found Nick’s coin which she gave to young Andy and was both furious and scared. 

When the present Andy headed downstairs, she was greeted by Nick Harp.

Additional Observations & Analysis From Episode 7

  • Jane admitted to losing herself to a fellow breast cancer patient several years back.
  • Andy came back to Belle Isle to care for her mother when she had breast cancer although Jane preferred Andy to live her own life.

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