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Pieces Of Her: Episode 4 Recap

Still from Pieces Of Her Episode 4

In the end of episode 3, Andy (Bella Heathcote) stole a lawyer’s ID and dresses up like her. Meanwhile, Laura (Toni Collette) was brought into Charlie’s custody.

Pieces Of Her: Episode 4 Summary & Recap

Laura Oliver is Jane Queller

Andy impersonates the lawyer whose identity she stole to visit Paula Kunde. When Paula saw the picture of a young Laura, she got furious and told Andy that she will kill Jane Queller. Shocked to learn that her mother is Jane Queller, Andy read up about the Queller family and found photos of her young mother with Jasper Queller (Jane Queller’s brother) in Jasper’s autobiography in a bookstore. She also learnt that Jasper will be having an event at El Paso.

Jake is a police officer

When Andy exited the bookstore, she realized that Jake was following him again. She tricked him into an alley and hold him at gunpoint. “Jake” then revealed that he is actually Michael Vargas, a US marshal. He was tasked to protect Andy as both Andy and Laura are under the witness protection program. Laura is deemed an important witness in the 1988 shooting at the International Economic Forum. On top of all this, Michael revealed that Charlie Bass is the lead in this case and is protecting both Laura and Andy. Then, Michael used his connections to get them entrance to Jasper’s event at El Paso.

Scene from Pieces Of Her Episode 4 used to depict recap
Andy held Michael at gunpoint and forced him to reveal the truth. Photo: Netflix

A sudden attack

On the way to El Paso, Andy and Michael spent the night at a motel. As Andy slept, Michael went out to make a call, but an attacker sneaked in and tried to suffocate Andy. Michael came in time to save her and the two shared a kiss.

Meeting a family member

At Jasper Queller’s fundraising event, Andy and Michael waited anxiously and the wait paid off. Jasper recognized the Andy resembles his sister and wanted to talk to her in private. Michael waited outside the room but was distracted when he saw Andy’s attacker from the previous night at the event. He tried to chase the man but to no avail. When he returned to the room, Andy had left to San Francisco with Jasper, leaving her phone behind.

Scene from Pieces Of Her Episode 4 used to depict recap
Jasper Queller hugging Andy. Photo: Netflix

Laura withdraws from the program

Meanwhile, Charlie informed Laura that Nick is also a suspect in the murder of a lady named Clara. Laura remembered times when she was young where she met Nick through her brother Andrew. The young Laura was charmed by Nick and “loved Nick” as Andrew predicted. Then, Laura decided to withdraw from the witness protection program against Charlie’s advise.

Additional Observations & Analysis From Episode 4

  • In the beginning of the episode, we were shown a flashback from 1988. A woman, Grace Juno practiced blowing up a bomb that looked like a pile of cash alongside Nick and Andrew. She dressed up as an older lady, Professor Alexandra Maplecroft, to be on the panel of the International Economic Forum in 1988 Oslo. Grace was also the one who eventually took out a gun and shot Martin Queller.
  • Based on the scene in episode 3 where Laura contacted Nick, our initial thoughts are that both Laura and Nick were working together previously. The flashback of young Jane being enamored by Nick also hints at the two being together. However, the man looking to hurt Laura might be Nick, which indicates a fall out. Andrew and Jasper’s involvement still seem unclear.

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