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Pieces Of Her: Episode 8 Recap

Still from Pieces Of Her Episode 8 to illustrate recap

Pieces Of Her is a Netflix series that follows Andy Oliver (Bella Heathcote) as she discovers her mother, Laura’s (Toni Collette) past. In the end of episode 7, Andy recalled her childhood memories after Nick brought her to Clara’s house.

Pieces Of Her: Episode 8 Summary & Recap

Nick and Jane meet again

Andy could not recall what happened after the accident. Nick then informed Jane that he saw the accident but took Andy away as Charlie was being dragged into the ambulance. Soon after, Jane arrived with the suitcase of money. Nick took her gun and Nick sat down with Jane and Andy to talk about the past. 

When Nick asked Jane why she kept her pregnancy from him, Jane told him that Martin was not happy about the pregnancy after he found out once she had morning sickness. In the scene where Martin drugged Jane, it was presumably to get rid of the baby. 

Still from Pieces Of Her Episode 8 to illustrate recap
Nick Harp and Jane Queller reunited after 30 years. Photo: Netflix

Nick is not after the money

Nick found the tape recorder hidden in the suitcase and played the whole taped conversation for Andy. It appears that Jasper was the one who got Prof. Alex Maplecroft into the panel of the International Economic Forum. He agreed to help Nick as he wanted to take over Quellcorp after his father stepped down and he wanted to make sure Quellcorp is handed to him instead of to Jane. The tape was evidence that Jasper was involved in his father’s death and Nick now planned to use it against him. Nick also asked Jane if she knew who gave the gun to Grace that day because he wasn’t the one who did it.

Chase in the woods

As Andy slowly regained her memory from the car accident, she realized Nick was the one who knocked into Charlie’s car. Andy went into a state of panic fearing Nick, and knocked down an oil lamp to burn the building. She tried struggling with Nick for the gun but she failed. As Nick ran off into the woods, Jane got hold of the gun and chased him while firing a few bullets. When she caught up with him, Jane was hesitant to fire the gun because Andy stopped her. Before Jane could decide whether to shoot Nick, the police arrived and Nick was arrested.

Still from Pieces Of Her Episode 8 to illustrate recap
Jane holding Nick at gunpoint. Photo: Netflix

Back to normal

After the incident, Jane and Andy returned to their normal lives. They found out that Charlie had passed away from the accident. Michael and Andy left the door open for romantic possibilities in the future. Anxious about Nick’s defence statement in court, Jane asked Jasper to help her find out how Nick is planning to defend himself. Although Jasper scoffed at how low Jane would go to get the information, he helped her with her request. 

Jane's actual secret

One night, as Jane was talking to Michael, she rewatched videos of the Oslo incident. There, she noticed something. Grace Juno was not familiar with the bag she brought that day and stumbled a bit before she found the gun to shoot Martin. Andy noticed that Grace’s bag is the same one young Jane used to carry in photographs. 

It is then revealed that Jane was upset that her father tried to kill her unborn child. She had a conversation with Grace before the forum started and expressed how horrified she is of her own father. Jane offered to switch her bag containing a gun with Grace as a sign to kill her father. Grace, who felt sorry for the young Jane, switched their bags.

Still from Pieces Of Her Episode 8 to illustrate recap
Jane Queller offered Grace Juno to exchange bags so that Grace could shoot Martin. Photo: Netflix

The same night Andy found out the truth, Jasper called Jane. He too, found out that Jane was the one who passed Grace the gun that day. When asked about what he wants, Jasper told Jane that he’ll be in touch. In the morning, Andy was relieved to find her mother by the beach. Jane told Andy that she did not want to move to Belle Isle and they shared a knowing look before the mother daughter pair walked down the beach.

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  1. Andy visits a roadside memorial to a woman whose picture looks like the woman in episode 6 who took the suitcase of money from Michael’s room and was later killed by Jasper’s security guard. Is tge memorial for her or someone else? I am very confused by this.

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