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Pieces Of Her: Episode 6 Recap

Still from Pieces Of Her Episode 6 to illustrate recap

Netflix’s Pieces Of Her is an 8-episode series that follows Andy Oliver (Bella Heathcote) as she discovers her mother, Laura’s (Toni Collette) past. In the end of episode 5, Michael was paralyzed from an attack while flashbacks reveal that Jane Queller decided to be on Nick’s side.

Pieces Of Her: Episode 6 Summary & Recap

Martin Queller wasn't meant to die

In the flashback from 30 years ago, Nick, Andrew and Jane were at Martin Queller’s funeral. It was revealed that The Army of The Changing World meant to shower Martin with red dye (representing blood) after a fake bomb explode. They did not anticipate that Grace Juno would take out a gun and shot Martin in rage instead. The source of the gun was still unknown as Grace’s bag was checked prior to entering the International Economic Forum. 

The FBI was keeping a watch out for Jasper as Jasper believes that he is the next target of Nick’s group after taking over his father’s company. Despite Jane’s disapproval, Nick collected the ransom money from the real Professor Alexander’s kidnapping as a message. The money is presumed to be the money that ended up in Andy’s hands after Carrollton.

Nick killed Professor Alexander

The real Professor Alexander was kept in hostage by Nick and his team. Jane was tasked to feed a blindfolded Professor Alexander, but Prof. Alexander already found a knife. The professor bit Jane and attempted to attack Jane with the knife. Nick came in to rescue Jane but the professor stabbed his palm. Then, Nick used the move we saw Laura made in the diner in the future. With the knife penetrating his knife, Nick swung the knife and cut Prof. Alexander’s throat.

Jane has something on Jasper

Worried about her daughter, Laura/ Jane went to see Jasper at the Quellcorp building. They had a quick reunion before Jasper informed Laura that Andy had left in the morning and Jane threatening Jasper to ruin everything he has. The specifics were not mentioned, but this indicates that Jasper was somehow involved in the Oslo incident in 1988.

Jane then enlisted Charlie’s help once again to locate Andy. After another attempt to find Jane at Eli’s house, Jane got a phone call from Charlie with information on Michael. Michael had been sent to San Francisco General Hospital and a woman which matches Andy’s description was seen with him earlier that day.  Charlie told Jane that Andy took Michael’s phone and would keep track of his phone number for her.

Scene from Pieces Of Her Episode 6 used to depict recap
Jane, Nick and Andrew at Martin Queller's funeral. Photo: Netflix

Andy narrowly escapes

Michael’s last warning to Andy is to beware of Jasper. Michael suspected that Jasper wanted the money in the suitcase as it is evidence of his involvement with Oslo 1988 incident. Hence, Andy went to Michael’s hotel room to retrieve the suitcase, but had to hide and leave the suitcase behind when a lady and a man broke into Michael’s room. They took the suitcase and Andy tailed them and managed to get herself into their car boot with the suitcase. 

At night, when the lady and the man stopped the car, Andy managed to slip away through the back seat and hid under the car. The lady and the man met up with Jasper’s bodyguard and told him the suitcase was inside the car, not knowing Andy had took it away. Jasper’s bodyguard shot both of them before realizing the suitcase is not where they said it was. After the bodyguard left, Andy came out of hiding and took a bus ride out of there. She then got a call from her mother on Michael’s phone.

Scene from Pieces Of Her Episode 6 used to depict recap
Andy crawled under the car to hide herself and the suitcase. Photo: Netflix

Mother and daughter reunites

Finally, after 5 episodes, Andy and her mother, Jane finally met up in a diner. Jane confirmed Andy’s suspicion that Nick is Andy’s actual father. When planning for their next steps, Jane suggested that they wait for Charlie who is flying in to San Francisco and will arrive soon. However, Andy disagreed because Michael previously suspected a leak among the US Marshals. Both mother and daughter then agreed to go straight to the FBI.

With an excuse to go to the toilet before they leave the diner, Jane took her coat and the suitcase away. It took a while for Andy to notice her mother had tricked her but it was too late. Although Andy tried to stop her, Jane had already started driving the car away and just told Andy to trust her and wait for Charlie. The episode ends with Andy in disbelief that her mother had left her yet again.

Additional Observations & Analysis From Episode 6

  • Jane’s father, Martin tried to drug Jane. The outcome of this event is still not shown.
  • Andy was living with Clara and Eli when she was young. Jane believed Clara was a much better mother for Andy then she was because motherhood seemed to come easy for Clara.

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  1. The people who tried to kill Andy but were later killed by Jasper’s security, who were they working for? I found this very, very confusing.

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