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Rough Diamonds – Episode 5 Recap

Still from Rough Diamonds Episode 5 from Netflix

The previous episode ended with Adina, Noah and Eli splitting the company shares equally. Eli also started cooperating with the prosecutor Jo.

Rough Diamonds - Episode 5 Summary & Recap

Everyone wants to meet the minister

It is now the Diamond Week and the Brazilian Minister of Resources and Energy, Gerardo Franco is in Antwerp. He is looking for a partner to help the speed up the diamond mining industry in Brazil. Everyone sees this as a great opportunity, and Noah uses some backhanded methods to ensure that he will be in the meeting with Franco.

Noah was looking forward to the meeting until he receives a call from Matthias, one of the Albanian mob leaders. The gang request to meet immediately, and so, Noah asks Marie to help pick up Tommy. By that time, Noah had already moved into the same building as Marie, so they are technically neighbours. But when Marie drops Noah off at Noah’s family’s house, she ends up having an awkward encounter with Gila.

Meanwhile, Matthias asks Noah to set up a meeting between them and Franco. At first Noah disagrees, but he later changes his mind, and suggests that the mob leaves his family alone if the meeting goes through.

When Noah gets back, he assures Gila that he and Marie stopped seeing each other a while back. As the kids decided to have a sleepover at the family’s mansion, Gila follows Noah home. The two ex-lovers reminisce about their past and ends up sleeping together.

Noah working Diego

In the morning, Noah and Adina are in the meeting and they both try to pitch to Minister Franco. Unfortunately, the minister does not seem convinced because Wolfson Diamonds had not have any experience setting up an overseas office. But the silver lining from the meeting is, Noah met the minister’s advisor Diego. 

Adina elated after securing the deal with the minister.

Noah volunteers to bring Diego around for good food and eventually show him some good time. In the club, Diego loosens up and tells Noah that Minister Franco is one of the ministers who actually care about his people. In this diamond business, his concerns are mainly on the welfare of the miners. This is a good tip for Noah. But Noah also manages to slid in a request for a meeting with Matthias.

With Noah’s information, Adina manages to secure the deal with Minister Franco the next day. Meanwhile, Matthias requests that Noah joins him in the meeting with the minister. However, at the very last minute, Noah couldn’t go through with it. Noah turns to the minister and asks him to not take the deal with Matthias. Then, he walked out.

Eli and Jo

Meanwhile, Eli reveals to prosecutor Jo Smets that there is an underground bank that helps launder money for the people in the Diamond District. Jo then brings up this story to her higher ups. So, instead of targeting the Albanian mobs, she has now shifted focus to the underground bank.

Then, Jo asks Eli to pretend to deposit money via the underground bank with a hidden camera. Somehow, Jo manages to sell the lie to Eli that she is still going after the Albanian mobs. After some back and forth, and some advice from his wife, Eli goes ahead with the plan. During the whole operation, Jo even got Eli to take a photo of the underground banker’s transaction book.

Additional Observations From Episode 5

  • Noah mentions to Diego that he was once divorce.
  • Gila reunites with someone from the Jewish community named Yehuda Ziskind. Yehuda’s wife had passed away and he is now residing in New York. After bumping into Gila and having a great conversation, Yehuda wants to wed Gila and bring her to New York. However, Gila struggles with her emotions as things are going great with Noah.
  • Kerra warned Noah about upsetting the mafia. Although she is concerned about her own business, she is also worried for Tommy and suggested that Tommy goes back to London.

Rough Diamonds is a Belgian series about a Jewish family who runs a diamond business in Antwerp. After a death of one of their family members, more details surrounding the shady business starts to unfold. Starring Kevin Janssens, Ini Massez and Robbie Cleiren.

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