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Rough Diamonds – Episode 6 Recap

Rough Diamonds - Episode 6 Summary & Recap


The sixth episode starts off with Adina and Noah meeting the mobsters. They have lost the contract with the Brazilian minister, and now the Albanian mobs are unhappy. The gangsters demand to continue their business relationship with a 10% discount. But Wolfson Diamonds’s margins are already slim, so this discount would put them on a loss. Adina put a firm stance and told them that the discount cannot be done.

Then, the mob strikes back. One of their people went to Tommy’s school to threaten him and pass a message to Noah. This freaks Noah out and he promises that he need not leave his son.

But, after talking to Kerra, Noah now thinks Tommy should go back to London. Hearing this, Tommy was upset and ran away. Fortunately, Marie was in the area and brought Tommy back home. Gila, who was there when Marie sent Tommy home, saw what happened and did not feel great.

Eli's struggle

Meanwhile, things were not going well with Eli. He was busy the whole weekend, preparing for his daughter’s wedding. But on top of this, he has realized that Jo was in fact going after the underground bank. He feels cheated, but Jo again promises immunity to Eli and his family if Eli agrees to be the state witness for the case.

Eli ponders upon it, and even has a chat with his daughter’s future-in-laws about his family’s reputation. Then, he eventually decides to not betray his family and community again. He declines Jo’s request, and Jo is pissed.

Still from Rough Diamonds Episode 6 from Netflix
Eli's-in-law told Eli that he wouldn't cancel the wedding after hearing about Yanki's acts. He believed in Eli and the Wolfson family name. Photo: Netflix

Disaster unfolds

On the day of the wedding, police are all about the Diamond District looking for evidence. Noah, Eli and Adina bump into Jo who smugly tells Eli that he knew this would happen. Hence, Eli now has to come clean to his siblings. He was the one who made the deal with Salman Karim, not Yanki.

Noah and Adina take responsibility too, and say that they are all guilty now that the company will be ruined. With the police’s involvement, people will not even supply them diamonds to meet the demands of the mafia.

After their discussion, the three siblings return to the wedding. Noah takes Gila to a private room and informs her that he needs to go back to London with Tommy. He asks that Gila join them. But Gila’s response is far from favorable. The widow then tells Noah that she intends to accept Yehuda Ziskind’s proposal.

The episode ends with the two of them going back to the party and dancing with the crowd.

Additional Observations From Episode 6

  • The younger generation, like Eli’s daughter, is also starting to question the things that were imparted to them. She for one, questioned whether the man her family is marrying her to is indeed her true love.

Rough Diamonds is a Belgian series about a Jewish family who runs a diamond business in Antwerp. After a death of one of their family members, more details surrounding the shady business starts to unfold. Starring Kevin Janssens, Ini Massez and Robbie Cleiren.

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