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Rough Diamonds – Episode 4 Recap

Rough Diamonds is a Belgian series about a Jewish family who runs a diamond business in Antwerp. After a death of one of their family members, more details surrounding the shady business starts to unfold. Starring Kevin Janssens, Ini Massez and Robbie Cleiren.

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Rough Diamonds - Episode 4 Summary & Recap

Backstabbing the family

Episode 4 starts off in a somber tone. The Wolfson patriarch, Ezra has passed away. Everyone came to pay their respects, including the Indians. Speyer was extremely regretful that his spite and words caused the heart attack.

But soon, everything is back to business. Now that the head of the family is dead, Benny starts making moves. He approaches Eli and plants the idea that Adina and Noah’s close relationship will eventually put a big pressure on Eli to go out. He also suggests that Eli make use of the potential partnerships now. In particular, a company named Rosenberg is looking for an arm to source diamonds. They are willing to buy 49% of the company shares.

Without much hesitation, Eli agrees and gets to work. He makes amends with Fogel so that he can get a good supply of diamonds and talk to his mother. Little does Eli know, Fogel senses that something is wrong and gives Adina a heads up on Eli’s plans.

Noah handling Kerra's portion of the deal

Meanwhile, Noah is too busy dealing with other pressing matters. The drugs Kerra bought from the Albanian mob via the diamonds are now stuck in Antwerp. They need to reach London the next day.

Noah leaves Tommy with Gila and heads to the warehouse to check the issue. Turns out, the ship to London has stopped. Left with no choice, Noah plans on having someone drive all the way to London with the drugs. That is until Adina calls Noah and informs him about Eli’s plan. Noah drops everything to handle his family issue.

As expected, Noah and Adina’s confrontation with Eli did not go well. Things end on a sour note between Noah and Eli, and Noah leaves to handle the drug issue. When he reaches the warehouse, the man refuses to drive to London with the drugs as it’s dangerous.

Still from Rough Diamonds Episode 4 from Netflix
Adina and Noah confronting their brother, Eli. Photo: Netflix

Adina saves the family

Noah then tells Adina the truth about their deal with the Albanian mobs. It was a three-way deal with Karea and her drug syndicate. Hearing this, Adina is appalled. But she could not do much except save her family’s company. Therefore, she calls on Speyer to help with some “transportation” needs.

Adina also proves to be a sharp one. That night, she approaches Eli to read through the partnership contract with Rosenberg. There, she realizes that Benny has been tricking Eli. In the contract, Benny gets a 5% cut which comes from both parties. This means Eli only has 48.5% shares and Benny could partner with Rosenberg to kick Eli out of any decisions.

The next day, the company terminates Benny’s access card and the Wolfson siblings meet with their mother and lawyers. Having heard about the turmoil that transpired with Eli, their mother decides to give 100% of the shares to Adina. Adina, however, graciously suggested that the shares be split among the three of them equally. Everyone in the room agreed.

Episode 4 ends after that meeting. Noah receives a call from Kerra who is happy with the successful deal. Now, despite Noah’s reluctance, she wants to continue having these deals with Wolfson Diamonds. Adina and her husband plans on moving into the family house, while Eli finally meets up with Jo to help her with the Albanian mob case.

Additional Observations From Episode 4

  • While taking care of Tommy, Gila feels bad for the boy because he had been looking forward to the cinema the whole day. People from their Jewish community do not go to the theatres, but Gila made an exception. She brought her own children and Tommy to watch a movie.
    It was an eye-opener for her and she ended up enjoying it. We are seeing Gila slowly becoming more independent and willing to explore things outside her community.

  • When Noah came back for Tommy, Gila kissed him on the lips.

  • Eli still remains the head of the business.

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