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Rough Diamonds – Episode 8 Recap

Rough Diamonds - Episode 8 Summary & Recap

Noah proposes a deal with Jo

The diamonds have arrived in London, and Kerra is ecstatic. Noah meets up with Gila and tries one last time to get her to join him and Tommy in London. This time, Gila agrees, and Noah is beyond the moon.

Meanwhile, the police could not find a link between Guillarme and Noah, so they still couldn’t piece the puzzle together.

But Noah is also planning something else. Eli introduces him to prosecutor Jo to make a deal. Noah wants Jo to reinstate the settlement in exchange for information about the Albanian mob. He is even willing to give up Matthias’s number for Jo to track. However, Jo turns them down and claims she had another witness within the Wolfson family.

The three Wolfson siblings, Adina, Eli and Noah are quick to realize that the person feeding Jo the information must be Benny. They try talking to him, even threatening to tarnish his name in the Jewish community for his betrayal; but Benny turns them down too. Not long after, the three siblings find out that Benny is alright with his reputation dragged through the mud because he is leaving Antwerp to work for his soon-to-be in-laws.

Benny asked the Wolfson siblings to get out of his house. Photo: Netflix

Ensuring Jo has no other options

Left with no choice, Adina has to use some backhanded methods. Knowing Benny’s son is gay, she recorded a conversation with Benny’s son’s matchmaker and threatens to reveal it to his in-laws. Stuck, Benny makes the call to prosecutor Jo to decline being the state witness.

This puts Jo in an extremely difficult situation. Just before the call, she was dismissed by her superior’s boss for forcing Eli to commit a crime while undercover. In response, Jo threatened to go to the media, and the higher ups were pissed.

Now, with Benny no longer the option, Jo has to renegotiate her terms with her bosses. She will let the settlement go but they have to let her pursue the Albanian mob with all the resources she needs. Both parties reach an agreement.


With information from Noah, Jo and the officers storm into the mob’s warehouse, only to find nothing there. Turns out, someone tipped Mr Tahiri off and the mafia managed to bring the stolen diamonds elsewhere. Jo thinks Noah is misleading her and is angry that she found nothing. Therefore, she threatened to arrest Noah.


Still from Rough Diamonds Episode 8 from Netflix
The police couldn't find the stolen diamonds in the warehouse. Photo: Netflix

Noah tries to play the role of the angry partner and asks for the location of his diamonds. After all, ⅓ of the diamonds he stole belongs to Wolfson Diamonds and is with the mafia now. But, Mr Tahiri does not like Noah’s threatening style and orders his men to intimidate and beat Noah up instead.

When Noah reaches home, Jo is already there with the police to arrest him. Left with no choice, Noah decides to lead her to the location of another thirds of the diamond- London. Hence, Kerra and her drug operations are busted and Kerra is apprehended.


With all the madness going on, Noah asks Gila for more time to take her to London. However, this time, Gila refuses. Seeing how Noah interacts with the people from the diamond community, she believes that Noah has found his place here in Antwerp. Gila on the other hand, no longer wants to stay in Antwerp, and so she will go to New York.

The season ends with the Wolfson family in the synagogue praying during Yom Kippur, the day of atonement. Eli invites Noah to sit in their father’s seat and the family pray for forgiveness.

Rough Diamonds is a Belgian series about a Jewish family who runs a diamond business in Antwerp. After a death of one of their family members, more details surrounding the shady business starts to unfold. Starring Kevin Janssens, Ini Massez and Robbie Cleiren.

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