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Tell Me Lies- Episode 10 Recap

Tell Me Lies (2022) is a romance drama series based on the novel by Carola Lovering. It tells the story of a coming-of-age toxic love between Lucy Albright (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen DeMarco (Jackson White) during their college days.

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Tell Me Lies - Episode 10 Summary & Recap

Events that night

The finale episode starts with a flashback of Welcome Week. Before Lucy arrived at her dorm room, Macy (Lily McInerny) was having sex with Stephen and Stephen drew her the rose. Stephen noted how cool Macy was for keeping whatever they had a secret. But things turned sour for Macy when she saw Stephen hitting on Lucy at the frat party. So, she later sent an angry text to Stephen, telling him off for trying to hookup with her roommate. Stephen apologized.

During the night Macy died, Macy arrived at the party alone, and so she called Stephen over. They smoked and drank a little, but that was enough to make Macy uncomfortable of driving. Throughout the night, Stephen had been avoiding getting seen with Macy in public. Therefore, even when Macy suggested they get someone from the party to drive them home, Stephen insisted on driving even though he was drunk. On top of this all, the seatbelt on Macy’s side was not working that night.

It was late at night and Macy and Stephen ended up arguing during the drive about Stephen not wanting to be seen with Macy. As the two had their spat, Stephen did not concentrate on the road and had to swerve their car when another car nearly knocked into them. The accident left Macy dead and Stephen swapped Macy to the driver seat to make it appear as if Macy was driving. He then deleted his phone number and phone records from Macy’s phone.

Macy and Stephen hooked up in Macy's car the night Macy died.

Lucy's not the best for Stephen

Back to the May 2008 timeline, Stephen started feeling that Lucy did not suit him. Lucy recommended that Stephen work at a front desk in a country club near her place during summer, but Stephen felt like a front desk job is beneath him. Moreover, Wrigley also told Stephen that he felt that Stephen was careful around Lucy. When Stephen was with Diana, Diana was independent enough to take care of herself. Things felt worse when Stephen had to tell Diana that he did not get any internships for the summer and Stephen scored an A- for his exams while Diana scored an A.

Later on, Stephen got angry at Lucy when he found out from Diana that Lucy told another girl that she hooked up with Stephen the night Macy died. During the argument, Lucy retaliated and semi-threatened Stephen about his involvement in Macy’s death. Stephen threatened Lucy back but Lucy was quick to clam him down and the two apologized to each other.

Diana told Stephen she "knew" he hooked up with Lucy since Freshman Week.

Meanwhile, Bree left for summer early and Lucy felt horrible because Wrigley and the football team blamed Pippa for Wrigley’s accident. Wrigley was told that he could no longer play football.


At a Hawaiian party, Lucy decided to be nice an accompany Pippa. Stephen on the other hand, was smoking with his friends, and then Diana joined in while Stephen’s friends left. The two opened up to each other and Diana told Stephen that he was no longer driven. She bluntly told Stephen that Lucy was not suited for him and that she could ensure that Stephen got a paralegal job at her dad’s firm during the summer. 

Soon after, Stephen walked out of the party holding Diana’s party and ignoring Lucy, leaving Lucy devastated and heartbroken. Evan consoled Lucy and the two got drunk. The next morning, Lucy woke up naked next to Evan.

Scene from Tell Me Lies Episode 10
Evan consoling Lucy after Stephen left her for Diana.

In the present 2015 timeline, during Bree and Evan’s wedding, Bree felt guilty and told Bree that she is happy for Bree . It seemed like Lucy still hadn’t told Bree about her hookup with Evan. Soon after, Stephen arrived and chatted with Lucy. He acted friendly around Lucy. Then, Stephen’s fiancée arrived and it turned out that Stephen’s fiancée is Lucy’s friend from high school, Lydia.

Additional Observations From Episode 10

  • Evan decided to move out of the dorm next year, leaving Stephen alone without a roommate.

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