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Black Butterflies- Episode 6 Recap

Black Butterflies or Les Papillons Noirs is a French thriller series about a struggling author, Adrien Winckler who was hired to write a memoir of an old retired man named Albert Desiderio. The series stars Nicolas Duvauchelle, Niels Arestrup and Alyzée Costes.

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Black Butterflies- Episode 6 Summary & Recap

Nastya's version

The final episode starts off with a flashback of Solange burning the salon on fire when Albert was away. She then escaped to Brussels and met Wim Winckler in a hospital where she worked. She introduced herself as Catherine.

At the present timeline, Adrien went to Nastya’s place. They had not seen each other in a while and they attempted to have sex, but Adrien could not bring himself to. But the two made up and Adrien fell asleep on the couch. During that time, Nastya opened up Les Papillons Noirs and read it. She was furious by the end of it and told Adrien to get out of her apartment. Adrien tried to explain that Albert was the one who told him all these stories.

Then, Nastya dropped a bomb. She said she could clearly remember what happened the day her parents died. The lady (Solange) was the one who stabbed her parents dead. When the man (Albert) arrived, it was already too late and he was traumatized by it all. 

Adrien and Nastya briefly reconciled as friends. Photo: Netflix


Shocked, Adrien went to his cousin to find out why their family disliked his mother, Catherine. But he ended up chatting with his cousin’s secretary who revealed that Catherine had something to do with Wim’s death. Without hesitation, Adrien went through old newspaper articles in the library and found out that Catherine stabbed Wim in the name of self defense. 

It then all dawned on Adrien. Solange was the one behind the murders in the 1970s and Albert was dragged along because he loved Solange. Catherine refused to talk about the murders when confronted by Adrien, but insisted that Wim abused her and Adrien as a baby, so she had to kill Wim. Adrien was left with deep regret that he killed Albert, who was quite innocent.

Meanwhile, Mathilde eventually found Carrel in Albert’s underground basement. However, Carrel was already dead. But he managed to carve out the word “Mody” on the walls of the basement. This led Mathilde to read Adrien’s latest novel and realized the true story. She then got the police to go after Adrien.

Newspaper article stating that Catherine was acquitted for stabbing Wim Winckler.


As the police went after Adrien, Adrien tried to finish his final chapter on the truth. He warned Nora not to let Catherine near the baby but Catherine overheard the conversation through the baby monitor. Catherine then took baby Roman and drove off. Fortunately, Nora knew the shortcut of running through the mountains to race against Catherine. She managed to arrive on a road before Catherine, and this time Catherine could not bring herself to kill Nora. 

Catherine then revealed that when she heard about Adrien’s story from Nora in Episode 1, she knew Albert had gotten in touch with Adrien. Therefore, she went to Albert and made him promise to protect her in all the stories. Catherine, or Solange managed to use her seduction tactics till the end

Meanwhile, Adrien was caught by the police not too long after the chase. The series ended with Mathilde interrogating Adrien. Like Adrien towards Albert in the first episode, she wanted Adrien to explain the whole story in chronological order. Then, Adrien introduced himself as Adrien Desiderio.

Scene from Black Butterflies episode 6
Mathilde interrogating Adrien. Photo: Netflix

In the post-credits, it was revealed that Solange killed Wim after Wim slapped Adrien for playing with his food. Solange then grabbed Wim’s belt and hurt herself with it to play the victim of domestic abuse. Wim never abused Solange.

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