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The Law According to Lidia Poët – Episode 3 Recap

The Law According to Lidia Poët, also known as La Legge Di Lidia Poët, is an Italian series inspired by Italy’s first female lawyer, Lidia Poët. In this series, we see her navigate the patriarchal society of her times while solving multiple mysteries around Turin. Starring Matilda De Angelis, Eduardo Scarpetta, and Pier Luigi Pasino.

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The Law According to Lidia Poët - Episode 3 Summary & Recap

Death of Mr Muraro

Vittorio Muraros arrived at Enrico’s home with blood on his face. He declared that he had killed his father.  Vittorio is the brother of Alberto, Lidia’s almost-fiancé. When they were younger, Enrico and Lidia’s father sold his house to Mr Muraro after Lidia left to study. Both Enrico and Lidia treated Vittorio like their own brother, and is therefore shocked by the news.

Last night, Vittorio had an argument with his father and left to his room to smoke some opium. He did not remember much but woke up with a knife in his hand and his father dead beside him. His mother was not around because she was visiting her pregnant daughter in law. The odd thing is that her necklace had disappeared.

As usual, Lidia and Jacopo did their own investigation. They found a long hair strand on the sofa that could not belong to Vittorio and some marks on the floor that indicated that someone was dragged from Vittorio’s room to the murder location. Lidia found out that a lady named Beatrice often come to the house to smoke opium with Vittorio. Hence, she went out to question the lady. Beatrice claimed that she saw Vittorio slashing at his father, and said that she have told the police the same thing. Vittorio was put into jail.

Scene from The Law According to Lidia Poet Episode 3 to illustrate recap
Vittorio thought he killed his father. Photo: Netflix

Who killed Mr Murarro?

Lidia also went to see Alberto. Alberto had an alibi as he was in Nice looking to start cashmere wool business. Oddly, when Lidia questioned him on Vittorio, Alberto thought that Vittorio is guilty. This goes against what Lidia and Enrico felt becasue they knew Vittorio as a person who wouldn’t harm a fly.

Unsatisfied, Lidia and Jacopo went to the Muraro house again to do their own inspection. This time, they found a secret room that hosts a lot of Lidia’s father’s things. They also found a train ticket from Collegno to Turin on the day of the murder. When Lidia got back home, she received news that Vittorio tried to commit suicide. He was now being treated in prison. Lidia went over and met Enrico there. She told her brother all her findings and they immediately knew that the killer had to know about the secret room. Therefore, there can only be one person.

That morning, Lidia and Enrico rushed to interrupt the judge’s meeting and revealed that Alberto is the killer. He did not actually go to Nice as he got off at Collegno instead. Collegno was the next train station from Turin. At night, he murdered his father and pinned the blame on a passed out Vittorio. There was a motive as well. Mr Murraro had apparently denied Alberto the opportunity to start the cashmere wool business. Alberto had also paid Beatrice to give a false statement, and Beatrice was the one who stole the necklace.

Vittorio was released from jail and Alberto was apprehended.

Lidia and Jocopo found the train ticket that is used by the killer. Photo: Netflix


One private evening, Lidia told Enrico her other findings from the secret room. Apparently, their father owed Mr Murraro a lot of gambling debt, and that was why he sold Mr Murarro their house. Lidia even found out that before that transaction, Mr Murarro allowed their father to marry Lidia to Alberto as payment for the debt. However, Lidia ran away to study.

Hearing that Lidia was used as a commodity for trade, Enrico now sympathized with the plight Lidia had to go through. He encouraged Lidia to appeal for her bar, and Lidia revealed that she was already on her way to do that.

That night, after seeing Andrea, Lidia saw Jacopo walking through a dark alley. She followed him all the way to a house, where he was seen kissing another lady.

The Poet siblings are on the same page on Lidia's career.

Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • Andrea bought Lidia an artsy vase, but Lidia pawned it to buy a bicycle. Everyone in town was whispering about Lidia’s antics as they find it odd that a woman is riding a bicycle.
    Andrea was not angry when Lidia apologized to him about pawning the vase.

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