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The Law According to Lidia Poët – Episode 5 Recap

The Law According to Lidia Poët - Episode 5 Summary & Recap

Death of a merchant

Episode 5 starts off with Madam Crespal, a summoner of spirits, who summoned what appeared to be a man named Achille Castelnuovo’s wife. The voice was terrifying and Madame Crespal asked the voice not to harm them.

In the morning, Lidia approached Jacopo directly about the guns hidden and that the woman in the farmhouse before is now gone. Jacopo told her he needed to sell those weapons to get money for that woman. He then make a hurtful remark to Lidia, saying she was so lonely she made things up.

Then, Lidia was summoned to jail by Margherita, the woman who killed her professor in the previous episode. Margherita wanted Lidia to help a lady who was convicted for Castelnuovo’s murder. The lady drugged Castelnuovo right before sex so that she could rob him. However, Castelnuovo was found dead the same night. Although Enrico was reluctant to let Lidia take the case, he knew his sister would anyway, so he allowed her to do so.


Odd party

First, Lidia visited Castelnuovo’s sister-in-law, Giuditta Ancelli, who’s at a mental asylum. She tried to kill Castelnuovo years ago. Giuditta was really ill, and claimed she sneaked out of the asylum to watch Castelnuovo every night. Knowing she couldn’t get much from Guiditta, she hung onto another connection of Castelnuovo- his business partner, Massimo Chiaia.

Andrea happened to have an invite to his party and so Lidia tagged along. There, Chiaia immediately recognized Lidia and striked a conversation with her. It appeared that Chiaia did not like how Castelnuovo always felt superior to Chiaia due to Chiaia’s humble upbringing. In that party, Andrea also found out about that Madam Crespal was Chiaia’s good friend, and that the spirit summoned in the beginning of the episode was Castelnuovo’s wife warning Castelnuovo that she’s coming for him.

Scene from The Law According to Lidia Poet Episode 5 to illustrate recap
Massimo Chiaia admitted that he admired Lidia's bravery and would hire her if he could. Photo: Netflix

Who killed Achille Castelnuovo?

Lidia wanted to see if Madam Crespal really had powers to summon spirits and so, she asked the madame to summon Castelnuovo’s spirit for her and Enrico. To their surprise, another spirit appeared to be there instead. The voice claimed to be Lidia’s father apologizing to Lidia. Although Lidia was shocked, she later told Enrico that she doesn’t believe Madamm Crespal because their father would never apologize to her.

Later, the family realized that Marianna is missing. She had been throwing a tantrum since her parents fired Lorenzo after they found out about Marianna and Lorenzo’s relationship. Apparently, Marianna tried to look for Lorenzo that night but got lost. Thankfully, she remembered Andrea’s place and Andrea let her back to Lidia.

When talking to Marianna, Lidia finally got an idea. She went to Madam Crespal and claimed that the madam is using her ventriloquist abilities to manipulate people. She also told the madam that Giuditta saw what happened to Castelnuovo the night of the murder. Panic, Madam Crespal immediately chased Lidia out and started to scramble.

Sure enough, the killer arrived at Giuditta’s asylum. It was indeed Chiaia. At first Lidia requested to get a job with Chiaia as a bribe, but Chiaia went violent and tried to kill Lidia. That violence was considered admission of guilt. Right in time, Enrico who had been hiding came into the room with officers to apprehend Chiaia.

Who killed Professor Braschi?

After the case is closed, Enrico tried to appeal for Lidia’s bar license. Although he was late, he managed to persuade the judge through his words and some bribe.

That night, Jacopo decided to come clean to Lidia. The woman in the farmhouse was the love of his life, Nicole. All this while, Jacopo lied that Nicole had lied but Nicole had actually left him for another man. Jacopo claimed that Nicole was passing by Turin, and needed money, so she asked Jacopo to sell her weapons. Just as Lidia and Jacopo reconcile, someone asked for Jacopo urgently. Turns out, the police had came to arrest him for suspicion of murder.

Additional Observations From Episode 5

  • Andrea is planning to go to the US and haven’t told Lidia.
  • Lidia revealed that she did not want to leave home back then. However, when she did not want to proceed with the arranged marriage, her father requested that she leave the house.
  • Jacopo went to see a prostitute named Maya but he couldn’t bring himself to sleep with her. So, he left.

The Law According to Lidia Poët, also known as La Legge Di Lidia Poët, is an Italian series inspired by Italy’s first female lawyer, Lidia Poët. In this series, we see her navigate the patriarchal society of her times while solving multiple mysteries around Turin. Starring Matilda De Angelis, Eduardo Scarpetta, and Pier Luigi Pasino.

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