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The Snow Girl – Episode 5 recap

Episode 5 is very focused on Amaya’s kidnapper’s perspective throughout the years.

The Snow Girl or La Chica de Nieve is a series based on the novel of the same name by Javier Castillo.  The series centres around the disappearance of Amaya Martin that captured the attention of a young journalist, Miren Rojo. Starring Milena Smit, Jose Coronado, Aixa Villagrán and many more.

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The Snow Girl - Episode 5 Summary & Recap


Iris Molina and her husband, Santiago were patients at Ana’s fertility clinic. They had been trying to get a kid through IVF but have constantly failed, and no longer have much money. Therefore, during the Christmas parade in 2010, Iris was extremely devastated and saw an opportunity when she saw the young Amaya crying for her mom. In a fit of madness, she kidnapped the young girl and made Santiago help her. 

After bringing Amaya back to the village, life wasn’t easy. Amaya kept crying for her mom and refused to answer when Iris tried to call her Julia instead. During a visit from their bank financier, Raúl, Amaya made noises which made Raúl a little bit suspicious. Nevertheless, the banker let things go.

Realizing that they did to hide Amaya from the public, Iris and Santiago decided to always keep a watch on the girl via a VHS recorder. Iris also trained Amaya to run away to hide in her room whenever there are people or cars passing by, because they are “bad people”. After a few years, Amaya got accustomed to being called Julia and called Iris and Santiago her parents.

Iris covered Amaya's mouth when Raul was over.


In 2016, Iris was disturbed as she kept seeing interviews of Ana pleading for Amaya. To reassure Ana that her child is still alive, Iris and Santiago decided to sent a tape recording to Ana and Álvaro via Miren. Santiago was caught on camera, and that really bothered him, but Iris reassured him that they did a good thing.

The next day, Santiago was in a better mood as he and Iris celebrated Amaya/Julia’s birthday. Amaya was out with her new headphones when the financier, Raúl again showed up. Iris immediately ran to get Amaya when she heard the car but Raúl still caught a glimpse of the two girls running into the house. He was actually there to remind Santiago to pay his mortgage, but he found it increasingly odd when he saw a “2” candle on the floor. As he was about to leave, Iris shot him dead.

Few days later, the police was over to question Santiago as Raúl went missing. Fortunately for the couple, Santiago managed to divert the police away by providing his assurance to cooperate with the police to find Raúl.

Scene from The Snow Girl Episode 5 to illustrate recap
Iris homeschooled Amaya throughout her childhood. Photo: Netflix

9 years later

In year 2019, the bank decided to seize Iris and Santiago’s house as they have not been paying their mortgage. Iris was extremely devastated, to the point where Amaya questioned Santiago on whether her mother is sane. As they are now pushed into a corner, Santiago decided to go to the police and come clean. Unfortunately, he got into a car accident when he was on the way. He passed away.

Iris and Amaya went into another round of devastation, but the silver lining of it all is that Santiago’s life insurance helped cover the mortgage. With more money now, Iris wanted to move to France with Amaya so that they could start a peaceful life. Before she left, she left Amaya’s parents the last video tape.

Iris was depressed after Santiago's death.

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