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The Tailor – Episode 2 Recap

The Tailor (2023) or Terzi is a Turkish series about a renowed tailor named Peyami Dokumacı. After his grandfather’s death, he brought his father to Instanbul and kept him a secret. Starring Çagatay Ulusoy, Sifanur Gül and Salih Bademci.

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The Tailor (2023) - Episode 2 Summary & Recap

Esvet is the new caretaker

The second episode begins with a flashback when Esvet got engaged to Dimitri via an arranged marriage between both parents. Dimitri was quick to show his true colors, and Esvet plead that her adoptive mother, Irini to cancel the engagement. Unfortunately, Irini wouldn’t. On the day Peyami came to take her measurements, Esvet overheard his conversation with Suzi on Mustafa’s caretaker. She then knew that Peyami’s place was a safe place to hide.

Now, at Peyami’s place, she plays the role of Firuze and is brought to meet Mustafa. When Mustafa first laid eyes on her, Esvet immediately reminds him of his scarecrow, and so he hugs her and sings her his favourite song (called Kiraz’s song). Seeing this, Peyami hired her on the spot.

However, Peyami’s grandmother does not seem happy with this new hire. In her eyes, Firuze will need to marry Mustafa as she will be the one taking care of Mustafa’s every needs, be it bathing, food or even sexual desires. Peyani, on the other hand, does not have that in mind.

At one point, Mustafa keeps falling because his feet is chained. Hence, Esvet requests that Mustafa is released from the chains. Peyami’s grandmother is unhappy with her making such a decision, but Peyami takes Esvet’s side and gives her the keys. This further aggravates Peyami’s grandmother.


Still from The Tailor (2023) Netflix Episode 2
Esvet's adoptive mother refuses to cancel the engagement even though she knows what's going on. Photo: Netflix

Marrying the patient

Meanwhile, once Dimitri and his family find out about Esvet’s disappearance, Dimitri acts like a man-child and starts to break things in his house. Peyami eventually has to come over as one of his assistants screwed up Esvet’s wedding dress. When he is there, Dimitri pours his heart out to Peyami, claiming that he truly loves Esvet and will not stop looking for her.

During all this, Peyami’s grandmother takes the opportunity to have a conversation with Esvet. She tells Esvet that Esvet has to marry Mustafa in order to get the job. This shocks Esvet as she just escaped a forced marriage. Now she finds herself in another one!

Thankfully, when Peyami returns, Esvet approaches him and tells him her concerns about marrying Mustafa. In response, Peyami claims that there is no need for her to marry Mustafa, and this ultimately calms Esvet down.

Since Esvet was already at his workstation, Peyami got her to try one of his potential designs- a halter red dress. It is just a cloth, but Peyami makes it work with the pins. The difficult thing for Esvet is that her wedding dress is nicely displayed in the changing room, making her suffocate as she relive the painful memories. 

At the end of the episode, Peyami notices her staring at the dress and asks her to try it on.

Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • It was implied that Mustafa sexually harmed his previous wife.
  •  Suzi said the agency did not contact her about sending Firuze as a candidate over to Peyami’s place.
  • Esvet is adopted to take care of her mentally-challenged adoptive brother.

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