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Triptych- Episode 5 Recap

In the previous episode, Eugenio trained Tamara to pretend to be Aleida.

Triptych, also known as Triada, is a Mexican series inspired by true events. We follow a detective named Rebecca as she finds out the truth about her past once she found out that she was one of three identical triplets. Starring Maite Perroni, David Chocarro, Flavio Medina, and Angel Zermen.

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Triptych - Episode 5 Summary & Recap

Handing over company shares

Eugenio and Tamara saw Rebecca dressed up as a cleaner while Rebecca was surprised to see “Aleida”. Although she fumbled, Rebecca managed to get back to Humberto’s car and told him what she saw. Humberto was confident he saw Aleida’s body, and so Rebecca now believes that it was Tamara she saw.

The two of them listened to the bug Rebecca planted in Eugenio’s office. By that time, Tamara had already pretended to be Aleida and handed over her company, Áurea to Eugenio. They had a chat in Eugenio’s office, as Humberto and Rebecca listened. It was clear the two are working together, but Tamara pretended not to know Rebecca. Eugenio then said that he would get Quezada (his private investigator) to handle it.

The conversation ended when Pilar came into the room, shocked to see someone pretending to be Aleida. She was disapproving of Tamara and her crass ways. Humberto and Rebecca then left the building, not noticing that the mysterious motorcyclist was following them.

Scene from Triptych Episode 5 to illustrate recap
Tamara passed Aleida's shares to Eugenio, making him the sole majority shareholder. Photo: Netflix


Next, Rebecca visited Julia Bátiz and told the doctor her suspicions that Eugenio, Tamara and the doctor herself were in cahoots to kill Aleida. Julia denied any involvement, but understood why Rebecca would think so. She offered to help Rebecca find out about her past, but in return, Rebecca had to come clean about her own adoption.

When Rebecca stepped out of the clinic, she spotted the mystery motorcyclist following her. However, the motorcyclist soon left and Rebecca was attacked from behind instead. She was drugged and woke up in Eugenio’s house with Tamara watching her. Angry and disgusted that Tamara pretended to be Aleida, Rebecca attacked her sister and the two quarreled until Eugenio stopped them.

Rebecca took this opportunity to question Eugenio on his motives. According to Eugenio, he’s just doing what Aleida would have wanted by saving the company. He said that he took Aleida out that day because Aleida requested it. When he was off to the toilet, he got attacked from behind, and when he woke up, Aleida was gone. Next thing he knew, Aleida was shot on top of the clinic’s building.

That night, Rebecca slept in Eugenio’s house. Tamara and Rebecca found out that Aleida was adopted from a US agency.

Odd coincidence

The next morning, Rebecca reached out to Tamara’s friend, Raquel and got a copy of Tamara’s birth certificate. It showed that Tamara was a child of a single mother. Rebecca also found out that Tamara’s mother died in 2005, the same year both rebecca and Aleida’s father died. Rebecca believes that this is no coincidence.

On that night, Tamara attended a company function as Aleida. At first, Pilar clearly was unwilling to play along. However, when Tamara caught up with Pilar in the toilet, she was crying and just asked for space to grieve for her daughter.

The episode ended with Julia coming through and connecting Rebecca with Beatriz, the social worker behind Rebecca’s adoption. She claimed to be there when the triplets were born.

Additional Observations From Episode 5

  • Rebecca started having weird dreams where she is Tamara and she met Aleida in a room. Aleida told her to save herself.
  • Pilar was shocked that Aleida had sisters, because the adoption agency she went through was very professional.
  • Marifer knew Humberto is back together with Rebecca, and kicked him out of the house. Humberto went to live with Rebecca.

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