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Triptych- Episode 8 Recap

Scene from Triptych Episode 8 to illustrate recap.

Triptych - Episode 8 Summary & Recap

Humberto playing his part

The beginning of Episode 8 revealed that Rebecca and Tamara were now locked in a glass room while being watched by Dr Batiz and her assistant Mila. There were bottles of liquor for Rebecca to fall back to alcoholism.

Meanwhile, Eugenio and Quesada got information from Pilar about Rebecca’s investigation. Last Pilar heard, Rebecca was bringing her mother to Dr Batiz who was helping with the investigation. This raised alarm bells for Eugenio as he believed that Dr Batiz convinced Aleida that she was crazy, so he blamed Dr Batiz for manipulating his late wife.

Eugenio then got his team to track down Tamara and Rebecca’s phone, but Tamara’s phone chip was already destroyed by Humberto. Rebecca’s phone was found at the police station, and so, Eugenio headed there. Humberto was trying to pin Beatriz’s death on Eugenio when he noticed Eugenio at the station. When Eugenio came clean on his concern over the sisters’ safety, Humberto agreed to bring him to the police safe house.

However, things took a turn when Humberto was driving. His wife Marifer was in labor and trying to call Humberto. Eugenio immediately noticed when they took a different way and ended up in a tussle in the car. As Humberto lose control, the car fell down the cliff.

Dr Batiz talked to Tamara and Rebecca via microphone. Photo: Netflix

Still alive

Meanwhile, at Dr Batiz’s secret location, Dr Batiz explained that Dr Meyer wanted to quit the experiment after a media leak, but she wanted to continue. She then got a job at Dr Saenz’s hospital and donated her eggs for IVF. After several failures, she managed to get triplets.

The experiment was to test the impact of nature vs nurture. Therefore, three triplets of the same genetics were placed in completely different environments. When Federico found out about the experiment, they were forced to kill him. Then, to keep the experiment consistent, they killed Rebecca’s dad and Tamara’s mom.

It was also revealed that Aleida did not pass away. Eugenio saw her in a drugged state and Humberto took Aleida away to that very house. To their surprise, when Mila tried to show the CCTV on Aleida, she was no longer there. Aleida somehow managed to escape her room and immediately caused a short circuit. Rebecca and Tamara took this opportunity to run.

After a chase and run around the dark house, Tamara managed to get hold of Mila’s tranquillizer gun and shot at Mila. Then, Rebecca and Tamara went down the basement and saw Dr Batiz there with a weak Aleida. Tamara threatened to shoot Dr Batiz with tranquillizer, but the doctor threatened Aleida’s life with a gun instead.


In the next scene, Rebecca, Tamara and Aleida were rushing out of the facility in a car. It was presumed that Tamara managed to shoot Dr Batiz before the doctor shot Aleida. They then met another car along the way who ended up tailing them. After the chase, it was revealed that Eugenio and Quesada were in the car, indicating that Eugenio survived the experiment. Eugenio was delighted to see that Aleida is still alive.

The next day, the police raided De Batiz secret centre and apprehended Mila. Dr Batiz was nowhere to be found, but seems to be hiding in the underground basement. The three sisters reunited.

Triptych, also known as Triada, is a Mexican series inspired by true events. We follow a detective named Rebecca as she finds out the truth about her past once she found out that she was one of three identical triplets. Starring Maite Perroni, David Chocarro, Flavio Medina, and Angel Zermen.

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