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Triptych- Episode 7 Recap

Triptych - Episode 7 Summary & Recap

Eugenio at work

Episode 7 opened with videos of the triplets from when they were babies to when they grew up. The person watching these videos turned out to be Dr. Julia Batiz.

Back in Beatriz’s home, the police arrived to investigate Beatriz’s death. Rebecca got increasingly worried that Eugenio is a dangerous man. Hence, she called Tamara to warn her. Unfortunately, at that time, Tamara was drugged and put into a car trunk. Eugenio had ordered Quezada to send Tamara to Valle.

Then, Eugenio went into his office and told Regelio that Aleida had left him for another woman. However, Regelio found this odd and felt like Aleida was a completely different person the night before.

Regelio wanted to prove that Aleida is crazy or drunk, but Eugenio insisted that she just wanted a different life. Photo: Netflix

Association with Dr. Thomas Meyer

After Rebecca left Beatriz’s house, someone tried to kill her by firing their gun at her as she’s driving. She managed to get out of the car chase to her mother, Dolores’s home. Dolores told her that she found out that there was an experiment carried out by a Dr. Thomas Meyer in the 60s. Dr. Thomas Meyer’s photo revealed that he was the German man in the photo with Federico and Bernardo Saenz.

Fearing for their lives, Rebecca did not want to delve further and brought her mother to Dr. Batiz. She explained everything and Dr. Batiz agreed that they should all run away to somewhere safe.

When Dr Batiz requested for some time to gather her things, Rebecca noticed that the previous photo she saw of Dr Batiz was one with Dr. Thomas Meyer. This means that Dr. batiz was involved with the experiment on them.

Rebecca took her mother and they both left the building. Rebecca then got Humberto to take Dolores to the police safe house. Meanwhile, she got a call from Tamara.

Scene from Triptych Episode 7 to illustrate recap.
Photo of Dr. Julia Batiz and Dr. Meyer on Dr Batiz's wall. Photo: Netflix

Tamara escaped

Tamara explained that Eugenio was pissed that Tamara ruined his plan by behaving horribly the night before. Quezada drugged her and tried to take her away to Valle, but in actual fact, Tamara had made a pact with Quezada beforehand. So, Tamara managed to escape and still had her phone with her.

That night, Rebecca had a dream of the triplets in a playpen when they were babies.. The playpen was overlooking a stained-glass window. When Rebecca woke up, she saw Humberto talking to someone on the phone, and assumed it was Marifer.

Mastermind revealed

The next morning, Humberto took Rebecca and Tamara to the police safe house which apparently Dolores was sent to. When they reached the house, both sisters found it incredibly odd that the stained-glass window in their visions was there, and it was the exact ones.

Out of the blue, men started appearing from within the house with guns and so did Dr. Julia Batiz. The doctor revealed that she was the one who planned everything, and that Humberto had been working with her for years. She also claimed that that is the very house the triplets were born, which indicated that Beatriz’s story was fake.

Rebecca felt betrayed and both sisters tried to fight back, but the other men shot them with tranquilizers.

Additional Observations From Episode 7

  • Eugenio told Pilar he accidentally let Tamara escaped. He asked Pilar to let them know about what she discussed with Tamara and Rebecca.
  • It was revealed that Dr. Thomas Meyer wanted to stop the experiment on the triplets, but Dr. Batiz wanted to carry on.

Triptych, also known as Triada, is a Mexican series inspired by true events. We follow a detective named Rebecca as she finds out the truth about her past once she found out that she was one of three identical triplets. Starring Maite Perroni, David Chocarro, Flavio Medina, and Angel Zermen.

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