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Triptych- Episode 3 Recap

In the previous episode, Rebecca met her other triplet sister, Tamara. But, before she walked into the club, someone on a motorbike was watching her.

Read the recap of Episode 3 below.

Triptych, also known as Triada, is a Mexican series inspired by true events. We follow a detective named Rebecca as she finds out the truth about her past once she found out that she was one of three identical triplets. Starring Maite Perroni, David Chocarro, Flavio Medina, and Angel Zermen.

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Triptych - Episode 3 Summary & Recap

Rebecca meets Tamara

Rebecca and Tamara are now reunited, and both shared their encounter with Aleida. Tamara told her triplet sister that Aleida came to see her one day, but they did not have a chance to talk as the police who was mistaking Tamara for a drug dealer came chasing after her. The next time, she heard from Aleida was on their birthday where Aleida called her. Tamara also revealed that she was there when Aleida was carried into the ambulance that day.

From their conversation, it was clear that Rebecca cared more about meeting her sisters than Tamara. When they got out of the club, the person on a motorbike who was watching Rebecca earlier came chasing after them. Tamara seemed to know who it is and asked Rebecca to run. Left with no choice, the two sister split up and the motorcyclist did not manage to get to either of them.

When Rebecca got home, she checked her missed calls on 9th of March, and sure enough, she had a missed call from an unknown number. She tried dialing the number and it led her to Eugenio. Rebecca immediately hung up without saying anything, but Eugenio called back the next morning. Adamant, Rebecca put the phone down, but Eugenio had an inkling of who it might be. He found out that Aleida called two numbers on the day she died, and so he gave his IT security team the two numbers to uncover their identity.


Scene from Triptych Episode 3 to illustrate recap
The two sister talked. Photo: netflix


The next morning, Rebecca still wanted to look for Tamara and went to The Slipper Place to find out Tamara’s current residence. When Rebecca got there, a young boy named Kevin was asking for his medicine as he had mistaken Rebecca for Tamara. Rebecca thought Tamara was dealing drugs to young children. 

When Rebecca managed to find time to catch up with Tamara, Tamara stated her interest in getting Aleida’s assets as Aleida is rich. On top of this, Tamara also seemed to know more than she’s letting on. This annoyed Rebecca and when Rebecca asked Tamara about her dealing drugs to Kevin, Tamara asked her to get out. In truth, Kevin needed his asthma inhaler.

Meanwhile, it is crunch time for Eugenio. He kept lying to the company shareholders that Aleida is abroad. Therefore, with an urgent meeting coming up to determine the fate of the company, Eugenio is forced to ensure Aleida shows up, so that he doesn’t lose the company. He remembered that Aleida had a twin because he saw Rebecca visiting Aleida at the hospital. Soon, he managed to track Tamara down, and met up with her in the Olympia Mens’ Club.

Tamara explained that she did not care about family sentimental value. Photo: Netflix

Dr Batiz

Rebecca’s next move was to visit Dr. Batiz in the hospital. Unfortunately, the psychiatrist was already discharged, and so Rebecca went to her house instead. When Rebecca first entered through the apartment door, she again began to feel Aleida’s previous memory in that building. Aleida was running towards Dr. Batiz’s place, saying she found out the truth.

When Rebecca reached Dr. Batiz’s door, she nearly fainted. Dr Batiz was surprised to see “Aleida”, but soon realized it wasn’t her. Then, after Rebecca felt better, Rebecca asked the doctor about her sister, and showed the doctor their DNA results. Unfortunately, Dr. Batiz couldn’t reveal anything about her patient. 

Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • Humberto Solana decided to enlist himself to help Rebecca find out about her past. Although Rebecca rejected his offer at first, she ended up asking for his help to look for someone.
  • Tamara had photos of Aleida.

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