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Welcome To Eden- Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Scene from Welcome to Eden Season 2 Episode 2

In the first episode of Welcome to Eden Season 2, Zoa found herself reconnected with her sister, Gabi on the island of Eden. Africa and Charly were held captive, while Ibón revealed to Alma that he was the one who killed Ulises.

Welcome To Eden Season 2 follows from the end of the previous season where our main characters, Zoa and Charly tried to escape from the secret island of Eden. Created by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López. Starring Amaia Aberasturi, Belinda Peregrín and Diego Garisa.

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Welcome to Eden - Season 2 Episode 2 Summary & Recap

Test of character

In the morning, Orson (Joan Pedrola) and Alma (Irene Dev) took Eloy over from Danae to execute him. They brought him to the cliff to kill him with the gun device. If you could remember, Eloy was Orson’s secret lover from Season 1. Therefore, it was difficult for Orson to be part of Eloy’s execution. However, in the end, Alma too, could not go through with it. Therefore, she and Orson both let Eloy go.

This of course, came with a price. Alma was demoted and was scalded to remove her Rank 2 mark. Orson quietly told Ibón about the news of Eloy’s escape, which gave Ibón a big relief. Ibon also rushed to tell Bel the good news.

At the Eden group session, Gabi was asked to speak and ended up almost spilling about the fact that she had a sister. This alerted Astrid as they thought she was an only child from her social media. Gabi ended up having to bullshit through some nonsense about having a friend that is like a sister to her.

But Astrid was not convinced. She then decided to put Gabi to the test. Since Gabi claimed to be a great diver on social media, Astrid requested that Gabi dive 9 meters deep to retrieve her necklace. Gabi almost drowned from this but eventually came through. Zoa, who was watching from the beach, almost blew her cover as she was worried and swam towards Gabi.

Alma's wrist was burnt to remove the Rank 2 tattoo. Photo: Netflix

Mysterious child

Erick, on the other hand, started to make his own moves outside of Astrid’s knowledge. He brought Charly and África some food, and even passed Charly a letter from Mayka. In the letter, Mayka promised to get Charly out of there and reminded him that she is always watching on camera. Reading the letter gave Charly hope and he professed his love to Mayka via the camera.

África again had a conversation with Erick about the New Eden. This time, Erick told her about how Astrid’s father first discovered the place. Being the bold person she is, África claimed that this was all bullshit, but Erick was a firm believer of the New Eden. After listening to everything, África took the opportunity to kiss Erick, hoping that it would help in her survival.

On the other side of the island, Isaac went out from his module without permission. Isaac is a mystery. Although Astrid and Erick seemed to be his parents, he claimed that his caretaker, Nuria, was the one “who had him”. Nuria also reciprocated when Isaac called her “his mother”.

While roaming about one afternoon, Isaac found some blood traces which led him to a very wounded Eloy.

Unfortunate death

That night, after swimming, Joel decided to approach Saúl (Jonathan Maravilla), the medic. Apparently, Joel once killed Saúl’s mentor and they had a fight. Now, Joel wanted to relive it and taunted Saul for a match.

People gathered around to watch the match between the two men, including Zoa and Nico. At first, Joel was throwing all the punches, but suddenly, at one point, things turned, and Saúl had the upper hand. Saúl almost killed Joel but managed to stop himself.

Nico wanted to find something on Saul so that he can get promoted. Photo: Netflix


Nico proved to be really sharp and noticed that Joel mentioned something about Saúl’s mentor during the fight. Right after the brawl, he brought Zoa to Saul’s medic office to look for evidence on Saúl’s betrayal. Sure enough, he found a note behind Saul’s mentor’s photo. The note encouraged Saúl to rebel against Astrid and even had the symbol of the rebellion.

Without hesitation, Nico took the photo and wanted to bring it to Astrid so that he could be promoted. But Saúl arrived just in time. Little did Nico know, Saúl and Zoa had been part of the rebellion all along. Saúl wasted no time and engaged Nico in a fight, while Zoa helplessly asked the two men to stop.

In the end, Saúl managed to plunge a syringe filled with drugs onto Nico’s neck which caused Nico to be paralyzed and eventually overdosed. During his final moments, Zoa accompanied Nico and told him about Gabi being her sister. Nico also proclaimed his love for Zoa, indicating that his love is true and not just to get Zoa to stay in Eden. In response, Zoa claimed that she once loved him too, and soon after, Nico passed.

Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • Erick is funding all of Eden’s expenses, and now, he demands more decision-making power from Astrid. He suggested that they made decisions via a committee.
  • Astrid wants to kill África, but Erick put a stop to that plan.
  • Erick and Astrid had dinner with Gabi (Molly) and asked her to stay in Eden.

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